Friday, December 20, 2013

Robert Pickton claims others were to blame

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Robert Pickton denied responsibility for murdering sex trade workers on his farm in his statement of defense in the family of the victims civil case.

"Since his conviction, Pickton has repeatedly denied responsibility for killing Downtown Eastside sex workers, offering vague, rambling denials and suggesting someone else was to blame. In August 2010, shortly after the Supreme Court of Canada denied the final appeal of his murder convictions, Pickton spoke to a CTV reporter from jail and claimed others were responsible. He made similar claims in a series of letters to The Canadian Press in 2012."

"In each instance, Pickton includes cryptic claims that there is more to the story, but he never takes the opportunity to fill in the blanks." Let's not forget that Wally Opal shut down the public inquiry as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned.


  1. My ex worked at a restaurant in Whalley that Dave and Rob both ate at for yrs up until this arrest. Both quiet shy men that tipped well. As far as staff and regular customers were concerned he definitely did not act alone but is certainly taking the fall alone. So to us it was obvious that H.A were involved since they operated out of the farm. Of course it was all kept hush hush but as for us we are all waiting the day that we here Rob tell the truth about what really happened out there.

  2. Witnesses claim Pickton invited them to “biker” parties on the farm. Bonnie Fournier was a nurse who worked in the Downtown Eastside since 1968. She told the Vancouver Observer that one of her clients claimed she was bussed to the Pickton farm for a party with free drugs from a Hells Angels hangout in Surrey known as the House of Pain. We know it as the Surrey House of horrors. One of the prostitutes who were murder there had her DNA end up on the Pickton farm.

    Wally Oppal didn't let her testify at the inquiry.

  3. Yes perhaps others were using Pickton's murdering nature to murder females others wanted dead.


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