Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canada Post is Lying Again

Well this is rather astounding. Canada Post does the time warp and brings back confrontational dishonesty. What I find so amazing is that Canada Post can get away with bold face lying to the media and that the media actually prints their lies without investigating them at all. Back in the day the media could be sued for printing something that is untrue. Not now. Now corporations control the media with advertizing dollars.

I have a lot more to say about the bold face lies Canada Post in unilaterally implementing and spewing in the media. However, right now I'm too angry to talk. I'll just leave them with a big F*ck You. F*ck Canada Post for coming up with such outrageous lies and F*ck the main stream media for printing those lies without questioning them first. The press is no longer free. It is disgusting how the main stream media is pimping out the freedom of the press. They should be sued and have their press credentials revoked.

This is Corporate Communism at work. Mark my word, right now Corporate Communism is a much bigger threat to our individual liberty and our financial prosperity than Hitler or Stalin combined. Welcome to the new age. It's radioactive. Why they're still pumping 300 tons of bullsh*t into the pacific ocean every day as we speak.

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