Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Gang Violence Year in Review

Well a record number of homicides for the year in Surrey clearly is not a good thing. Yet it’s not even a peak in the gang war just a continuation of the drug related violence that followed. It has shown that letting the Hells Angels win the gang war and obtain a monopoly of the drug trade in British Columbia has not resulted in a reduction of drug related violence at all. It has just made them even more bold and brutal.

The three rings showed the Hells Angels control of the Canadian drug trade prior to 2013 violence. Rob Shannon, Trevor Jones and the 2012 bust involving Larry Amero in Montreal established an indisputable pattern of huge cross border drug trafficking linked to the Hells Angels.

2013 saw that trend continue with the Haney chapter getting busted with a huge shipment of cocaine in Spain and Larry Amero's crystal meth bust in Australia. We did have the Joey Verma conviction of the murder of Britney Irving in Kelowna tied to the Hells Angels. Which once again shows them having a monopoly on the drug trade doesn’t reduce the violence at all.

We’re still waiting for the trial of Robert Thomas and Norm Cox for the murder of Daine Philips in Kelowna as well as Skellator’s drug related trial tied to the Kelowna Hells Angels. At least he hasn’t made bail. We're still waiting on the trial for the Kelowna Hells Angels stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring as well. Only rats steal cars.

The Surrey Six murder trial has been a big part of 2013. The revelation that Jamie Bacon tried to extort Corey Lal doesn’t come as a big surprise. Nor does the fact that he did it for the Hells Angels given his brother Jonathon’s ties to Larry Amero at the time. Jamie Bacon is mentally diminished and certainly isn’t the brains of that operation. Surrey Six witnesses drinking and partying with RCMP members continues to be a concern for police credibility.

Letting that illegal booze can operate in Surrey despite years of complaints from the neighbors resulted in at least one fatality there. Letting drug dealers sell crack outside the Front Room in Surrey has resulted in many others. It’s really sad how Diane Watts and Bill Fordy are more worried about their political careers then they are about stopping crime in Surrey instead of suppressing crime statistics.

Judging from the big RCMP dinner it doesn’t sound like Bill Fordy’s behavior has improved any since he was involved with the Pickton investigation. Stopping the crack dealers from selling crack in Surrey central was a good thing. Now they have to do more than contain it to outside the Front Room where those predators bully the homeless. They need to stop it there as well not just outside their new Ivory Tower which has turned out to be one giant financial disaster.

Paying that much money on furniture alone is offensive. The expenditure is simply not worth it. Tolling everything is an obscene tax grab. Tolling bridges that are already paid for is illegal. Dianne Watts has to get her spending under control. Right now her spending is a huge concern for taxpayers. Don’t even get me started on Stephen Harper and Justin Bieber's attack on our civil liberty. That remains our primary national concern.

Another huge concern is the 300 tons of radioactive water leaking into the Pacific Ocean every day two and an half years after the reactor accident in Japan. That is absolutely insane. The fact that it is still leaking that much radioactive water every day is a huge global concern. Add that to the radioactive water leaking into the Columbia River and we see how hard it is to safely dispose of Radioactive waste. Which forces us to rethink our support of that toxic energy source. Not to mention the nuclear weapon threat.


  1. Major RCMP reported incident @ Newton Wave Pool just before midnight. 136b st. and 72 ave. Area tapped off!!

  2. At site and this is major! IHIT COMMAND TRUCK SETUP WITH HELICOPTER IN OBSERVATION MODE! The entire P L is taped off!

  3. Replies
    1. By now you know, hockey mom not expected to survive this brutal attack for a purse.
      Her face was said to be caved by th blow.
      It is time for honest citizens to take back what the RCMP are not capable of doing - OUR COMMUNITY!!!

    2. Yeah I got some pictures of the crime scene. Very sad.

  4. So for for 2013 - 25 homicides with only 6 cleared. One being a murder suicide so make that 5. Or, should any genius' from the RCMP be reading this = 20%. Pathetic. Who is calling the RCMP on their incompetence? Or can we assume Surrey criminals are disproportionately smarter than those in the rest of Canada? The RCMP has no problem beating down ordinary citizens in the streets, murdering the Greg Matters and Ian Bushs of BC but seemingly have difficulty dealing with real criminals. Time to amalgamate ALL GVRD police forces and send the RCMP back to Ottawa where they can be Harpers personal army.

    1. Hear hear to the last sentence!

    2. In all fairness, solving homicides isn't the easiest thing to do. However, there is no excuse for not revealing the cause of death for half of the homicides.

  5. 1 out of 5 is an abysmal clearance rate by ANY standard. I venture to say that you would be hard pressed to find another location in the whole of North America where it's that bad.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing lawful concealed carry by a citizen who has no criminal record, who has taken a mandatory course in the legal aspects of the use of deadly force and has qualified with the weapon they wish to carry......oh wait, that's right, Canadians aren't allowed to do that......

    "... protection of life is NOT a legitimate use for a firearm in this country sir! Not! That is expressly ruled out!". - Justice Minister Allan Rock


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