Monday, December 2, 2013

Dianne Watt’s new Talk Force

Today is the one year anniversary of the brutal assault that put Janice Shore into a coma from which she never recovered. She died two months later in the hospital. Yesterday I picked up the garbage around the tree she was found beside and made a small memorial. Today someone had already tore it down. It’s sad but it goes far beyond that. That assault and the attempt to censor the memory of it represents a great evil. As does our criminal negligence in allowing the unbridled drug related violence to continue outside the Front Room in Surrey.

Recently after Surrey broke the record for the most number of murders in one year, Dianne Watts used the opportunity for another publicity stunt and promised the world she was going to create a new task force to get to the bottom of it. As if we didn’t already know the cause. One blog reader was somewhat skeptical of her latest promise and referred to her new task force as a talk force. Indeed that is all it is. Just more smoke and mirrors hiding the obvious.

Let’s take the most recent homicide in Surrey for example. Forming a new talk force to find out what caused that murder is rather pointless since we know it happened at an illegal after hours booze can the neighbors have been complaining about and trying to get rid of for seven years. Ignoring those complaints for seven years is criminal negligence. Creating a new task force to investigate the problem now is simply fraud.

The Janice Shore murder is no different. Hiding the brutality of that assault and failing to address the cause of it is another criminal act. Janice Shore was beaten into a coma from which she never recovered. On one side of her head her temple was caved in. On the other side of her head her jaw was caved it. Those injuries had to have been inflicted with blunt force trauma. It looked like a hammer was used on her head. In addition to that one witness claims her eyes were poked out. That level of brutality is disturbing. Hiding the brutal nature of that assault is wrong. Hiding that isn’t to protect the integrity of the investigation. It’s to protect the appearance of a politician’s career.

If Janice Shore was murdered for a drug debt then every drug dealer that sells crack outside the Front Room is a suspect in her murder. Giving the homeless free crack then beating the life out of them for payment is predatory. When we let that happen knowingly we are criminally negligent for the violence that exploitation creates.

All these task forces as well as my blog and all the good intentions in the world mean absolutely nothing if we let crack dealers sell crack outside the Front Room. Those crack dealers are very violent and very predatory. The Surrey Leader referred to it as the dead zone. That is where Janice Shore was last seen before she was brutally murdered. We don’t need any more talk forces. We need to stop letting crack dealers sell crack outside the Front Room at 10667 135 A Street. It’s that simple. That is the New York model. Pretending that we are doing anything to stop the homicides in Surrey while we let them sell crack outside the Front room is fraud. That’s all there is to it.

Tonight I lit a candle in memory of Janice Shore the patrol saint of Whalley. The memorial may well have been ripped down and her life cut short like a candle in the wind yet her memory lives on. Life does not end at death. Justice will not sleep forever. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again.


  1. Why don't the police take them down? Because they are corrupt? Or scared?Obviously someone who was the murderer or knew the murderer took the memorial down. Let's find out who killed Janice Shore. May she rest in peace.

  2. Back in 2008 a police representative claimed it was too much paper work and the judges just put them right back on the street:

    So we have been complaining about the same thing for a long time now just like that after hours booze can they never did anything about which makes you wonder what the real reason they aren’t doing anything about it is. We had all that drama about local businesses in the area complain about metal theft. Stop the crack dealers and you stop the metal theft.

    Dial a dope crack lines will still operate but those are far less invasive and predatory. Someone has to call them which is a choice. These dealers outside the Front Room are in your face Rock?! Buy some Rock?! If you drive by at night instead of walking through they scream it at your car as you drive by. It is obvious who is selling. No doubt they have a small amount in their possession as they have runners restocking them but the fact that they are standing there harassing people selling needs to be stopped.

    1. It doesn't make me wonder......pretty much one of four things.
      1) Paid off
      2) Lazy/Apathetic.
      3) Been told not to bother.
      4) combination of 1) through 3).

      If I was a cop in that situation, the fact that judges put them right back on the street would not stop me from busting these assholes all the time, disrupting their operations and confiscating their dope and their money. Allowing them to operating basically unimpeded means the police aren't doing their job. It's really not their place to say, "Well, I'm not going to bother because the judges just turn them loose".

      I've always said they hire a lot of the wrong people to be the police. You need guys who are hunters, who want to go out and bag bad guys every day even if it's a catch and release program. They're not being released with their dope and their money, so that's a win.

    2. It’s all possible but I think it’s more about A) Being brain dead and B) Kicking the cat. Instead of dealing with the problem by arresting the crack dealers they are harassing the homeless and the crack addicts. Spreading chicken manure where they hang out for example. It’s heartless insanity. The New York model is to arrest the crack dealers not the crack addicts. It appears that they have been good at putting the pressure on the crack dealers at Surrey central as they prepare for Godzilla’s new ivory tower there. They have thus created as no go zone to contain the public crack dealing. Yet after Janice Shore’s murder they should have confronted that area as well. After all the police get their directions from City Hall.


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