Friday, December 6, 2013

Vancouver Open Mic

While those three dark images of the brutality of murder linger in our minds, let me contrast that with another image I enjoyed last night. I went to an open mic that was a fund raiser for the Philippines. It was an amazing evening. Seeing so many young people sharing their talents was moving and inspiring.

One little Filipino girl started the set off with a powerful song that left everyone cheering and in awe. Many rappers and beatboxers shared their wonderful talents. They were completely different than the deranged Shane Bunting and his crew of misfit wannabees in Prince George that rap about kidnapping, torturing and murdering woman or about sodomizing kids with broom sticks for drug debts. These rappers were totally positive and inspiring. They live in a very different world.

One brother stood up and shared his poetry slam skills. It was profound. It was amazing to see so many young people actively involved in a good cause. One of the MCs for the evening said “Vancouver: You don’t have to be big, you just have to be heard.” Their positive message was inspiring. One guy stood up and started singing the most profound sounds into a repeater which recorded what he had just sung and repeated it over and over again. He kept adding one track after another which was all played back in an amazingly touching symphony of sounds.

Mad love to the Philippines and all those that shared their wonderful talents that night. Open mics are becoming a lot more popular these days. It’s nice to see people express themselves in such a positive way. Sometimes words can paint pictures. Other times sounds and music can. Those images stir the soul. Remember, no matter what your past, you have a spotless future. What you put on that canvas is entirely up to you. Make is positive and make it worth while.


  1. Phillipians are from biblical days the people of Phillipi which is now day Macedonia. Filipinos are what you are meaning.

  2. Actually that one was constructive for a change.


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