Saturday, November 25, 2017

Calgary: largest fentanyl bust in ALERT history

CBC is reporting that "Investigators confiscated record-setting amounts of methamphetamine and fentanyl pills in a year-long operation dubbed Project Offshore that Calgary police say took more than $4 million in drugs off the streets. Over the course of the operation, 11 houses in Calgary were searched, turning up 15,757 fentanyl pills, 28 kilograms of methamphetamine, 6.7 kilograms of cocaine and 75 kilograms of cocaine buffing agent, ALERT says."

"The fentanyl seizure is the largest of its kind by ALERT, while the meth seizure nearly doubles the previous record for all of Alberta. Given the health crisis our communities have faced over opioid abuse, there is no doubt in my mind that lives have been saved." No kidding.

This is how you save lives and confront organized crime. By getting fentanyl off the streets. Not with Lethal Injection sites. Public opinion claims the Edmonton Police Service is compromised. That's why ALERT is the one confronting drug trafficking not the EPS.

Now the BC Gang task Force is compromised. They no longer target drug trafficking. They give the Hells Angels drug dealers police protection in the DTES and on the Surrey strip and pay millions of dollar to Hells Angels drug dealers and enforcers in exchange for letting them continue as long as they rat out a few small time rivals. In Alberta the gang task force is confronting organized crime. In BC they are promoting it.

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