Friday, November 10, 2017

Woman's body found in Oshawa Harbour identified

Update: More human remains found in Ontario

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Durham police say Rori Hache was reported missing by her family in August. A torso, located a month after in the Oshawa Harbour, belongs to the 18-year-old, investigators said Thursday evening."

It is unlikely Curtis Sagmoen from Salmon Arm was involved with this murder but we are forced to ask if his employer was. Did she have a drug debt like so many others in BC or was she simply another young girl lured into the industry and was trying to leave it? This isn't the only murder. We need to start looking at the real cause of these murders and stop pretending it doesn't exist.

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In this case I admit that it is highly unlikely this young girl had a drug debt. Here in BC it is quite a different story. There were an outrageous number of sex trade workers murdered on the Pickton farm and several more missing near Salmon arm where the remains of another sex trade worker was recently discovered. In the GTA there appears to be a large number of young girls lured into the sex trade and are fearful of leaving from threats of violence.

Yet in this specific case there are several other irregularities that make it peculiar to say the least. The bottom line is that this was a wonderful young girl and what happened to her was horrible. No one deserves that no matter who they are related to.

The Toronto Sun asks "Is it a coincidence that Dionne’s home was consumed by an unexplained daytime fire Aug. 10, that left her with devastating injuries and killed her dog?"



    1. Her uncle is the one affiliated with the Oshawa Hells Angels.

  2. I think the murderer is now in jail as of december 29


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