Thursday, November 16, 2017

Toronto Drug squad officer dies of fentanyl overdose

The Toronto Star is reporting that An investigation has been launched after an officer from the Toronto Police Service drug squad died of a fentanyl overdose. On April 10, Const. Michael Thompson was found in medical distress in his home in Durham region. He was rushed to hospital where he died three days later, Toronto police said in a news release Thursday. He was 37 and single with no children. Thompson “died of a fentanyl overdose, the quantity of which was too large to have been caused by mere contact with that drug,” said the release.

The Toronto Drug squad has a long history of being shady. In 2013 the Toronto Sun reported that "Five former Toronto drug squad cops were sentenced Friday to 45-day conditional, or house arrest sentences, that will enable all but one to keep his new job." I guess since they all kept their job nothing in that department has changed. Just like IHITit in BC.

Sounds like Const. Michael Thompson was going to blow the whistle so they gave him an OD.

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  1. LOL, you can't make this shit the same time, a cop down south almost OD'd after they did a raid/bust, he looks down and notices some powder on his shirt and brushes it off with his bare hand. In minutes he was down and they were calling for the paramedics. It almost killed him.

    You have to remember how strong this stuff is. Fentanyl 70-80x stronger than heroin and Carfentanyl 70-80x (or whatever the numbers are) stronger than that. A dose the size of a grain of salt is a fatal OD every time.

    Somehow it's OK for China to be shipping this stuff and other chemicals needed to produce meth in bulk to Mexico.
    If Trump really wanted to fuck with China, all he'd need to do is have the Coastie's (US Coast Guard) and the SEAL's intercepting in international waters freighters headed from China to Mexico and boarding them. If stuff like that is found on the ship, the crew is taken off and the ship sunk. You can bet that shit would stop after the third of fourth ship goes to the bottom with all it's cargo.

    There's shit that gets results, and there's shit people do that they think/say will get results but never does, yet people keep doing it even though it doesn't work because they aren't ready to sack up and take care of the problem.

    People who manufacture and deal drugs that turn human lives into misery and money to line their pockets need to be dealt with appropriately. Weed isn't the problem. Everything else is.


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