Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Assassin's Creed

I saw the Assassin's Creed movie on Netflix last night. It was pretty good. I think in real life the Templars were good guys. The Davinci Code ran some interesting theories. The Holy Grail was allegorical. It wasn't a cup in the movie, it was a person. Likewise I think in this movie the apple of Eden was also allegorical. The bad guys wanted to destroy free will while the assassins rose up to protect it. It is the Assassin's Creed or code of honour that I would like to address.

They say there is no honour among thieves. Perhaps that is true, but there used to be. Ralph Natale had honour. The new kids on the block do not. Which brings us to the red and white.

Christmas eve 1995. The Hells Angels hired a hitman to kill a police informant and his wife. The hitman brought Christmas gifts from the boys. The wife didn't want to let him in but he said we can't leave the Christmas gifts outside in the rain. The Christmas gifts from the boys was gasoline for the hitman to burn the house down after he killed them. Not only that, but he was instructed to kill his co accused right after they killed the family of the police informant. No L&R there.

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