Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Human remains found on Salmon Arm Farm Identified

News 1130 is reporting that "RCMP have identified the remains found on a large piece of farm land near Salmon Arm as those of 18-year-old Traci Genereaux. Police say no charges have been laid in connection with her death, which is being treated as suspicious."

Traci was getting her life together right before she was killed. Kinda like Britney Irving. Peace.

All of the five missing women in that area were involved in the sex trade. Locals are all familiar with the testimony of the neighbors. The question we need to probe is whether or not this was a sick individual who liked to kill sex trade workers or was he told which sex trade workers to target for drug debts? That is the real question that needs to be examined.

Residents recount odd influx of escorts in Silver Creek


  1. How terrible for her family and friends.

    Will this murdering of women never stop?

    1. Perhaps. The complete failure of the last two missing women inquiries shows the government's smoke and mirrors approach is not working.

      Wally Oppal should be in jail for censoring all evidence that implicated the Hells Angels in the Pickton murders. The fact that the new inquiry won't even look at that evidence either shows that it is just a PR event.

      The fact that Wendy Carlick was murdered right before she testified shows it's not just a matter of single serial killers and that something bigger and much more sinister is at play here. There are lunatics that kill sex trade workers. There are also enforcers that kill them for drug debts. The Dianne Rock story needs to be examined.

  2. Let's agree there seems to be others influences involved in these murders. Likely it wasn't simply random selection perpetrated by psychopaths acting autonomously to satisfy their desires.

    Both Sex Trade workers and Indigenous women along the Highway of Tears reek of intention and forethought.

    Willy Pickton doesn't come across as an individual capable of committing these murders with enough discretion to not call attention to himself. Surely he must have had help in many ways to enable long term activities without revealing obvious clues and a behavioural profile.

    More problematic is the coverup and longevity of both the Pickton murdera and the Highway of Tears murders. There are more murders which could easily be ascribed to the same category of marginalized women in B.C. but have not been declared publicly.

    So let's ask who is likely involved? Who benefits? How far reaching is this agenda and what purpose could it serve?

    Occam's razor can provide insight for most of these questions with a high probability of accuracy to the truth.

    I suggest reprisal of drug debts is unlikely a primary motivation for these particular acts.

    It might be interesting and informative if anyone interested in answers submit comment with their thoughts on answers to these questions.


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