Saturday, July 8, 2023

Cluster bombs, Doctor shortage and Pedophile hate

Update: More Fake News about a Nuclear Reactor in Eastern Ukraine

Yesterday's headline reads "The US will provide cluster bombs to Ukraine and defends the delivery of the controversial weapon." The artcile from the Canada Press states that "President Joe Biden on Friday defended what he said was a difficult decision to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine, a move the administration said was key to the fight and buttressed by Ukraine’s promise to use the controversial bombs carefully." Oh really?

"The decision comes on the eve of the NATO summit in Lithuania, where Biden is likely to face questions from allies on why the U.S. would send a weapon into Ukraine that more than two-thirds of alliance members have banned because it has a track record for causing many civilian casualties." This is not new. I reported on this a year ago.

Now the fake news is rationalization NATO's attack on Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas. Supplying Zelensky with cluster bombs is an abomination. There's no way to lie your way around that. Two wrongs don't make a right. However, all we see is a long list of wrongs and no right. US Biolabs in the Ukraine are bad. Torturing prisoners is bad. Bombing civilians in the Donbas is bad. That's why Russia went in to protect them from Zelensky in the first place.

Now they're admitting to scattering cluster bombs in Eastern Ukraine to kill Russian speaking civilians. They've been doing it for a year and now they are using lies to rationalize it. Biden is waging an ongoing war of terrorism against the Russian speaking Ukrainians that live in Eastern Ukraine. This propaganda is coming from the fake news.

Meanwhile back on the ranch CBC is reporting that "As Canada grapples with a doctor shortage, Ottawa announces immigration stream for health workers." That is scab labour. I'm all for immigration but denying doctors and nurses here from working because they exercise their right to choose over synthetic rna genetic vaccines, then hiring foreign workers to take their place is simply scab labour. That is what Justin Trudeau and Bonnie Henry are promoting.

In my interview with Dr Steven Pelech, he pointed out that all these local doctors and nurses that would rather retire or work out of province than take the Covid vaccine are educated professionals trained in health care. There aren't some uneducated tin foil hat hillbillies. Their concerns are valid and have been well researched based on data. Censoring data is not science.

And now for the ultimate lie. Justin Trudeau's State run media is reporting that "In a speech at a Pride flag-raising ceremony on Parliament Hill Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that hatred of LGBTQ people is on the rise in Canada." It's not the LGBT that people object to. It's the Q+ that sexualizes children in school and strives to normalize pedophilia.

People hate pedophilia and that is what Justin Trudeau and the fake news are promoting. That is why people hate Justin Trudeau and the fake news. Own it. You can't blame anyone else for your choices. Don't cry about the public hating the mainstream media. That's your fault for promoting lies. People hate Justin Trudeau for what he's doing. It has nothing to do with LGBT. He's using that banner to promote things no one in their right mind should promote.

Pierre Barnes from Exposing SOGI 123 has posted a list of SOGI books in schools that are completely inappropriate. It is a bold faced lie to say that his concerns as a parent are transphobic or homophobic. Look at the books. They are completely inappropriate. That is what Justin Trudeau and the SOGI curriculum promotes. The media is lying when they claim parents who object to that in public schools are transphobic.

Encouraging children to castrate themselves and transition before they are old enough to vote is an abomination. There are huge adverse effects that they are simply not prepared for. Allowing that and promoting that is grooming and should not be tolerated.

In my interview with Robert Wallace from Gays Against Groomers he makes it very clear that their organization isn't anti LGBT, they are LGBT. They are anti child grooming like anyone in their right mind should be. The media is lying and people can clearly see that. That's why hatred for the mainstream media is on the rise. That is why independent media is so much in demand.


  1. We clearly live in a backwards 🤡 World. Thanks for putting some perspective on the craziness! 🙏✌️❤️

    1. Time is on the side of truth. I am hopeful the push back will prevail.


    3. It’s seems very apparent that Justin Trudeau thinks the majority of Canadians would not push back and just allow the ever knowing JT to make decisions that will devastate our country and make a mockery of our people and democracy as a whole. He is SO wrong on this.

    4. No lie can live forever. As for the apple news link, they are all acting as though sending Ukraine cluster bombs is a new decision. They've been doing it for over a year.

  2. "People hate Justin Turdeau".....

    No truer words.


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