Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Vancouver Province Spins for Linda Hepner

Well this is rather bizarre. Front page of today's Vancouver Province spins for Linda Hepner's insane plan to put LRT down 104th Avenue between Guildford mall and Surrey place. That is obscene. I can tell you two things. No one who lives in Guildford wants an onground train running down 104th Avenue reverting 104th avenue to a single lane of traffic each way.

That is not progress. No one who lives in Guildford wants a road going through Hawthorne park. Right through the best water park and children's playground in the city. No one who lives in Guildford wants a road going right through Hjorth road elementary schools' field. That is not progress, That is absolute insanity. Linda Hepner's defiance is proof she needs to be replaced.

Linda Hepner claims she prefers LRT because it is cheaper than Skytrain. I can tell you right now NOTHING Linda Hepner or Dianne Watts does has absolutely anything thing to do with saving money. Everything they do is about spending money and raising taxes. Everything.

Linda Hepner claims that SkyTrain would cost about $950 million more to build and the operating costs are 40-per-cent higher than LRT. I can tell you right now that is a Bold Faced Lie. Her plan at first estimate costs $2.6 billion. That's just the first estimate. There is not a snowballs chance in hell extending the track for Skytrain to Newton and if needs be along Fraser Hwy and 100th Avenue to Guildford would cost $950 million more than $2.6 billion. The Vancouver Province just printed a bold faced lie in their front page article.

The only reason Linda Hepner has dumped Skytrain is because she knows we will freak if she gives the contract to SNC-Lavalin. Giving the contract for the Evergreen line to SNC-Lavalin was a criminal act. The only reason Linda Hepner is pushing LRT is because they are paying her campaign contributions. That is the only reason.

Think about it, Skytrain is already in place. All they have to do is extend the track along King George Hwy to Newton. They already have the cars and storage space for the cars at night. Extending the track and buying a few extra cars will not cost 950 million more than $2.6 billion. That is a lie and completely fails the test of believability.

Skytrain currently ends at King George Station on 100th Avenue. They are currently widening the road on 100th Avenue. They could put the Skytrain track right along the middle of 100th avenue and keep two lanes each way. It would be a beautiful ride through Green Timbers. Reducing 104th Avenue to a single lane is complete insanity. Wake up to reality.

However, we don't want Skytrain to Guildford. We have park and ride in place. If you want to bring the social problems on the Surrey Strip to Guildford you can go f*ck yourself. First you need to fix the Surrey strip before you bring Skytrain to Guildford. People say it's about getting people out of their cars. No one has the right to say I am not allowed to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. Especially if it's an electric care or propane vehicle. I have that right.

People with cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain doesn't impede traffic. People with cars have a say because they pay Translink a billion dollars a year in a 10 cent a litre regional gas tax above and beyond regular federal and provincial gas tax.

This scathing piece of misinformed propaganda was brought to you by the one and only Harold folds like a cheap tent Munro chief editor of the Vancovuer Sun / Province. Thanks for nothing.

Recent News: Pedestrian wearing earbuds struck and killed by Edmonton LRT

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  1. These RIDICULOUS Projects, having no functional necessity, are all part of the Aging Criminals wanting to CASH OUT!
    Site C has the same markers when looking at the involvement of SNC-Lavalin!

    This Corporation has 3rd world Crime practices that have the necessary Political ties needed for Politicians and their Controllers to move 'Profits from the Proceeds of Crime', laundered into and from Offshore accounts!
    For the next decade, we will see a Lot More of this money causing massive INFLATION in Construction, for many more Unnecessary, Overprice, Politically lead, and Unchallengeable Massive Government Projects!


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