Sunday, October 29, 2017

5 people die of overdoses in Abbotsford within 9 hours

CBC is reporting that 5 people died of overdoses in Abbotsford within 9 hours on Friday. "Four died inside apartment buildings and one was found outside a business. They ranged in age from 40 to 67, and all of them died alone." They obviously all bought the same batch of bad drugs.

I hesitate reporting this tragedy because it will obviously be used by the drug dealers and the extremists as a rationalization to open a new lethal injection site in Abbotsford to create more addicts and make drug dealers more money. I post the tragedy to show everyone that we are on the wrong road in BC. We are not dealing with the problem we are promoting it. Human lives are being lost as a result. Every parent knows you don't reward bad behaviour.

When drug dealers sell a bad batch of drugs that kill people you immediately arrest the drug dealers who sold the drugs to get the bad drugs off the street. Especially when they sold the drugs publically right under your nose while you were watching. Failing to do so make you criminally culpable in those murders.

When drug dealers on the Surrey strip put fentanyl in the crack there was a spike in overdoses. As soon as that happened the extremists set up a popup lethal injection site which the city has now made permanent. That is the epitome of evil. It is lawlessness and a complete violation of the Four Pillar Program we originally pledged to support.

Dr. Colin Mangham on Insite

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  1. It was shocking to hear the news. Now will some one start an murder investigation into these deaths. if these deaths were caused by the drugs these 5 people ingested, I'm of the opinion they were murdered just as sure as you gave these 5 people rat poison.


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