Wednesday, October 25, 2017

When a man kills a woman

This murder at Le Chateau in Lake Louise has caused me some solemn reflection. It's so sad. Lake Louise is a pretty sacred spot. That's where a lot of guys ask their significant other to marry them. Le Chateau is beautiful. I was at Lake Louise for the ice carving festival a few years ago. It was magnificent. Several guys would take a knee and propose publicly.

At first I thought wow, what if they said no? Then I see several kids join in on the celebration and I notice the couple had been living together for some time. They already knew things would work out so it was the unifying of a family. Wonderful. When I first heard the news of a suspicious death at Le Chateau, I thought domestic violence. Who kills themselves at Le Chateau? The hotel is beautiful and it's right on the Lake. It's awesome. No one would kill themselves there.

I know woman can sometimes be petty and jealous when it comes to the breakdown of a relationship but they rarely kill the guy. By far, the stats surrounding domestic violence revolve around the man beating or killing the woman and I just don't get it. I do not comprehend the if I can't have them no one can mentality. It just doesn't make sense.

I was speaking with a coworker about it and he said sometimes it doesn't take much for a guy to go from being really nice to crazy mean. I said I don't get it and he says because you're looking at it from a rational point of view. These guys aren't rational. I look at the couple that recently died at Lake Louise and I feel so sad for both of them especially the woman. A bright beautiful young woman from New Brunswick of all places has her whole life in front of her and it's stolen by a crazed lunatic. Tragic. Yet the guy completely lost it in every way.

So maybe the woman rejected the guy. Maybe the guy had already been through a divorce and couldn't handle the rejection. Why the f*ck kill her? Why? It just makes no sense. Killing yourself over a woman? Really? Why? Sometimes things happen in relationships and you see a side of the other person you never imagined could have existed. That's when you thank your lucky stars you have an exit strategy and move on.

In my old age there's one thing I've learned and that's you can't fit a square peg into round hole. Spending your whole life trying to make it fit is a complete waste of time. The round peg goes in the round hole and the square peg goes in the square hole. Some relationships just aren't meant to be. It's nothing to get mad about.

In this case the guy had a chance to do something posative with his life and he completely blew it. After you kill yourself there is no if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. OK so that relationship didn't work out. What if the right relationship was right around the corner? Now he will never know and he will never find it. Murdering the woman and killing himself has not helped him find peace of mind. It's made him look insane. Sometimes we all make bad choices. That is one choice that's really hard to overcome.

I look at this guy and I think to myself I do not want to go out like that. It's Linkin Park dejavu. In the song Numb which he remixed with Jay Z it says "all I want to do is be more like me and be less like you." Indeed yet tragically Chester Bennington from Linkin Park committed suicide last July but he didn't take anyone with him. People get discouraged and give up. I get that but why steal someone else's life away from them in the process? That I just don't understand.

If you get all mad about the breakdown of a relationship and you're thinking of doing something crazy out of despair, from bro to bro ya just gotta let it go. That is not the path to peace and enlightenment. It won't make you happy so it's totally pointless. Tomorrow is another day. Shake it off and take the other route. No matter how dark life gets there are always more than one option. There's never no way out of anything. Think it through. Some choices just aren't worth it.

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