Thursday, October 5, 2017

Second Shooter in Vegas Attack

I'm busy multitasking several things at once on the homefront but I just wanted to mention some conflicting reports that are coming in about the Las Vegas shooting. The first thing I want to emphasize is that what happened was horrific. There is no way to dispute or minimize that. Notwithstanding that fact we are hearing conflicting reports of a second shooter.

I'm just going to throw it out there for people to look into. I understand that Infowars posted a video of a second shooter and "debunkers" claimed it wasn't a second shooter it was a strobe light. I find it hard to believe that it was a strobe light. That's kind of like saying the Thermite residue Professor Steven Jones found in the 9/11 ruble was due to chalk. Not likely.

I'm looking for confirmation of a police radio call that confirms a second shooter. There is also conflicting evidence as to whether or not he was alone in his room or had visitors from Blackwater with him that night. A room service receipt shows he had two guests. I'll look into it later.


  1. Saw this comment posted earlier somewhere:

    "Do your research, this wasnt some crazy with a gun license....It was a gun deal between the CIA and US based ISIL members gone wrong. His airplane was co-owned by a defense contractor for the CIA in Roanoke VA (N5343S) He was given $200,000 for 50 weapons of which $100,000 was to be sent to a bank in the Phillipines. When ISIL buyers found out it was a sting orchestrated by his gf (Who has worked for the CIA since 1999) They murdered him (30/09/17) and use the shootings as a cover. They then made it look like a suicide. The lady who told concert goers they were "All going to die" an hour before the gunfire started was (apparently) a maid who had just been fired for trying to enter the room to clean it."

    There is always more to a story…

  2. Based on what "we know", how is this not a false flag. Just like all the others.

    Add to your list, some video of the alleged shooter moving the weapons and ammo into the hotel and into his room. It HAS to be out there.

  3. If this shooting was real , what is up with the FAKE victims?

    1. The fact that there is no entry or exit wounds for the guy shot in the head is indeed strange. However, that's not a position I'm taking. A lot of people claimed Sandy Hook was completely fake. I'm not sure. A false flag attack means someone on the inside ordered the attack. It doesn't mean it didn't actually happen.

    2. I heard it myself on the Las Vegas Metro Command police scanner. Shooter 4th floor- (not that they found him)

    3. Normally with a head would they will shave the affected area to examine the wound, and also to keep it clean for treatment.
      The girl doing a cheer and waving her arms around does not support the allegations of a shoulder shot and collapsed lung .
      There are too many anomalies to present in the shooting scenario, I call bovine excrement on the entire incident.
      We can all think for ourselves and make our own call on the validity of the media / government claims . I am giving my opinion.

    4. I totally agree the fact that the hair was not shaved and bandaged around the head wound is very strange. Like Twilight zone strange. It is something to look into. I appreciate the link.

      People are free to hold and discuss that theory. I'm just saying I'm not there yet because I do think some people did die just like on the USS Liberty and in 9/11. Even if everyone really was shot, that doesn't mean it wasn't a false flag. That's my point.

  4. The LVMP released a report on the latest findings, along with more crazy photos. There is apparent evidence with a grand jury, and arrest(s) expected.

    Here is a good video of the scanners and the timeline. Second shooters reported at various locations.


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