Sunday, October 22, 2017

Donald Trump to release Kennedy assassination files - Update

Well this is one good thing Donald Trump is doing. The Toronto Star is reporting that "President tweets intention to disclose documents by Oct. 26 deadline, although CIA said to be lobbying against move despite belief they do not contain any bombshells."

Perhaps the documents will be so blacked out there won't be anything left in them. Operation Northwoods was a declassified document that was very real and provided a motive for the Kennedy assassination. As we know, every crime has a means and a motive.

As far as means, the videotaped evidence shows the president's body guard ordered to pull back. The runner who's job is to protect the president and act as a human shield in the event of a sniper, is ordered to pull back and questions the order by raising his arms in confusion as to why. Shortly after that the president was shot dead. That provides the means.

It's interesting to hear the mainstream media minimize the release of the assassination files as catnip for conspiracy theorist. The mainstream media claims that conspiracy theorists reject the official version about Lee Harvey Oswald and blame Cuba, Russia, the CIA or even UFO's for Kennedy's assassination. That's a rather bizarre smoke screen.

The assassination of JFK is not a conspiracy theory. It is a historical fact. It really did happen. We just don't know why. We don't know Lee Harvey Oswald's motive. Nobody is claiming UFO's killed JFK. As for Cuba and Russia, why would they want Kennedy dead? Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods. Cuba and Russia would want Kennedy in office as opposed to someone else who would not veto Operation Northwoods. Cuba and Russia had no motive to assassinate JFK. The only ones that had a motive to kill him were the CIA for vetoing Operation Northwoods.

The evidence supports that motive. The CIA are the only ones that had the power to order the president's body guard to pull back right before he was shot.

When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested he said he was innocent. He said he was a patsy which means scapegoat. Lee Harvey Oswald had a long history working for the CIA. It would be pretty easy for them to set him up. The fact that he was shot dead before he was able to stand trial prevented him from revealing CIA secrets in court and prove his innocence.

Operation Northwoods was a plan presented by Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA and signed off by the Lyman L. Lemnitzer who was the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They wanted to perform terrorist acts on American soil and blame Cuba to justify an invasion during the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy vetoed it. If he hadn't had vetoed it, they would have implemented that treasonist plot.

After Kennedy was assassinated. President Johnson took over and actually implemented Operation Northwoods in the form of an attack on the USS Liberty. That is a historical fact.

Like I said from the beginning, the CIA s a criminal organization. Even more so than the Hells Angels. If they are gong to lie to us about generations of drug trafficking, there is not limit to what they will lie to us about. CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet.

Donald Trump Chokes:

The Canadian Press is reporting that "President Donald Trump is delaying the release of some files on the John Kennedy assassination that were due to come out Thursday. He's approved 2,800 other records for release. White House officials say Trump will state in a coming memo that he had "no choice" but to keep others secret because of national security concerns."

"He's having those records further reviewed for the next six months. Officials say Trump will impress upon federal agencies that JFK files should stay secret after the six-month review only in the rarest cases."

Trump releases some, but not all, JFK assassination records

2,800 JFK assassination files released

Forbes is reporting that "Most of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, which is currently stored at the National Archives, has been released previously. Under 1992’s JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, Congress had approved the declassification of the remainder of these documents by October 27, 2017—unless the sitting president authorized further withholding of files."

Here's where you can download the JFK files

Five Red Herrings in the new files. They have absolutely nothing to do with the truth and are absolute smoke and mirror distractions. C'est la vie. MSM sucks.

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