Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Taxpayers should stand up for SkyTrain, not LRT, in Surrey

The Vancouver Province printed yet another letter oposing the LRT in Surrey:

"The federal and provincial governments have each committed $2.2 billion to start addressing the worsening traffic problems and gridlock in the Lower Mainland. Surrey’s proposed at-grade light rail transit does nothing to address this. It is more to satisfy Surrey’s development and vision for itself than to address Metro Vancouver traffic congestion. At an open TransLink board meeting, I asked about the cost of Surrey’s LRT plan and suggested it could be as high as $1 billion. I was not given an answer so I assume that my estimate isn’t out of line." (It actually $2.5 billion)

"I firmly believe that the vast majority of people in Surrey and Langley want SkyTrain, not LRT. People should contact their MPs, MLAs and Surrey council and tell them to spend the money on a proper transportation plan and not just dole out money to satisfy Surrey’s vision of itself."

Alf Madsen, Surrey (Someone who lives here)

We are consistently seeing corporate propaganda trying to brainwash us into beleive spending $2.5 billion tax dollars to create gridlock and pandemonium along 104th Avenue is a good thing while resident after resident writes in and explained why it is not.

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