Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Circle of Life

I just wanted to pause for a moment to ponder the solemnities of eternity. As I said, I've been busy multitasking several different things and have some family matters that are requiring me to spend some time to help see them through. As I do so my mind reflects on the circle of life.

I remember visiting my father before he passed away while he was in extended care. I was helping feed him his dinner and my mind visualized him feeding me pablum when I was a baby. Then it was my turn to feed him. The circle of life.

Now my mother is progressing to the point where she needs more care and we are trying to iron things out so she gets the care she needs. It's all about letting the elderly die with dignity. I'm not talking about euthanasia. That is a separate debate and I'm not going to dispute it.

Dying with dignity means comforting the afflicted. I've heard the term balm of Gilead. It was used in a metaphorical sense referring to how acts of compassion can be a healing balm to those who are suffering. Life does not end at death and what we do in life echos in eternity. Of that we can be sure. As I reflect on the circle of life music is my balm of Gilead.

2 B.C. seniors live in a van and struggle to make ends meet

CBC is reporting on two elderly women who are homeless and are living out of a van. Substance abuse is not an issue. They used to have a home in White rock. "Money troubles, disputes with landlords, family estrangements, and unlucky circumstances eventually led them to their current homelessness." Affordable housing is the problem especially in Surrey.

More than 100 seniors living on Surrey streets

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Final data from this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count reveal that there are at least 114 seniors living on Surrey streets. Although that number is likely even higher, as the survey is largely recognized as an under-count. Surrey’s homeless seniors make up 23 per cent of the region’s total of 503 in this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, conducted in early come March." This needs to be addressed.

Evicting tenants from good homes in Clayton Heights is not the answer.

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