Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chilliwack Street under siege

On the front page of yesterday's Vancouver Province was the headline that read Chilliwack Street under siege. Inside the paper the article read Petty crimes plaguing neighborhood. The article talked about all the spin off crime that was terrorizing one neighborhood all related to the public sale of drugs.

The root of the problem is that the Chilliwack neighbourhood is plagued by drug deals, prostitution, thefts. So once again we see a huge spike in property theft in an area where drugs are sold in public. This is the exact same problem the Aldergrove judicial review board had with prolific offenders like Jamie Pool committing an absurd amount of property theft and not being faced with any consequences whatsoever.

Their conclusions was that judges are the problem. The more crimes these prolific offenders commit, the less time they serve in jail. The Chilliwack article spoke with residents who said the couple lives close to a public swimming pool with a big parking lot that attracts drug dealers and prostitutes during the night.

Both the Iezzis and Walker said they feel frustrated with the RCMP response, though they don't blame individual officers. Instead, they point to a system that's overburdened with complaints about petty crime and a court system that makes it almost impossible to prosecute the perpetrators. "As perpetual victims of petty crime, we're left feeling abandoned," said Nicole Iezzi.

The problem is drug dealers which attracts drug addicted prostitution and a whole range of property theft. Chasing the prolific offenders around is like putting a finger in the dyke. The real problem is the crack dealers. They are the pimps that brutalize and exploit the sex trade workers for drug debts. We've got to stop kicking the cat and addressing the real problem by arresting the crack dealers. That is the New York Model.

So there we have it. The problem has been revealed and the pattern is repeating itself like a broken record. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. When we look at what's happening the the DTES as well as in Whalley, Newton and now Chilliwack not arresting the crack dealers clearly is the epitome of insanity.

The article talks about how the neighbors have started to take matters into their own hands and how the police are waring about vigilantism. One resident has started posting surveillance videos of the prolific offenders that are stealing their stuff but remain on the street. Quite similar to the crookstube a Surrey resident started during their spike in property theft.

One resident talked about how they shot one intruder with a paintball gun. That's a Surrey trick. In Surrey they'd freeze the paintballs before shooting the crackheads. Although people have a right to defend their persons and property, this is confronting the symptom not the solution. The solution is arresting the crack dealers selling the drugs. When the police don't do that it makes their claim that public safety is their number one concern a bold faced lie.

Again it's not individual officers that is the problem here it is the departments mandate or should I say lack thereof. This reoccurring problem is the root of the conflict. Nevertheless, ya gotta love the video of the guys in a pick up truck giving one prolific offender a beat down. I guess in Chilliwack it's alright to be a redneck still.


  1. You must also remember the prostitutes. As of now, there really is no legislation (nationally) in Canada, that deals with this issue. The last laws were struck down and the courts gave the government until Dec. to rewrite the laws.

    Peter MacKay, who really represents the current Harper government, put forth Bill C-36, “Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act". This proposed legislation makes prostitution legal. The sale of sexual services would also not be illegal (there is a slight difference and distinction between the two - technically and morally, any person who marries another for their money is really prostituting themselves).

    This needs to be changed. Regardless of whether or not the argument can be put forward that no one raises their child to be a prostitute and (some) prostitutes are forced into it by "pimps" the fact remains that not every prostitute is. Far from it.

    With prostitution made illegal, these individuals can then be arrested (it would certainly be easy to do) and (any forward thinking government actually interested in the well-being of the people would ensure) those arrested for prostitution are then entered into various rehabilitation programs. Upon successful completion of the program(s) those arrested could then be conditionally pardoned upon release unless/until/if they re-offended for the same, or directly related offence(s). If they reoffend then a more intensive program could/should be what they go through to rehabilitate.

    I actually wrote to Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper regarding how ineffective this proposed legislation would be and what actually needs to be done (including and especially how prostitution needs to be illegal or it will only flourish). The PMO did actually write back a fairly detailed response (as opposed to the usual generic, "thank you for writing" response (which usually really means PFO, we don't really care - someone voted us in and even though it was a minority of the population, we go by the first past the post system to we are in charge and will not do anything until the year before the next election).

    Of course the response stated the legislation was Peter's and I needed to talk with him about it and they were forwarding my letter to him. Now, that response is really a lie mixed with some truth. He may be the Minister who is putting it forward (so in that sense it is his) but there is NO WAY Stephen Harper allows anyone to put forth anything that has not been pre-approved (there is a 'Party Whip' for a reason).

    Of course, I have not heard any sort of response from Peter's office. My letter was logical and used historical examples and precedence and I am pretty confident it could not be logically countered - only denied or ignored.

    Sadly, it is the latter that seems to have been the case.

    Like with so many other things, people need to write to Peter MacKay AND the Prime Minister AND their local MP and state they are against this proposed legislation and that prostitution needs to be made illegal.

    Until that is done, things will get worse. Not one of these things (drugs, prostitution, theft, exploitation, addiction, organized crime) exists in a vacuum.

  2. Yeah Peter McKay is an absolute idiot. There's a big difference between what consenting adults do behind closed doors and human trafficking. Drug addicted prostitution falls under human trafficking. People like Dianne Rock are forced into prostitution to pay for the drug addiction that their pimp supplies them with and got them addicted to. Dug addicted prostitutes are brutalized and are totally exploited by their pimps who demand free service, beat the life out of them for debts and take pretty much all of the money they make to pay their drug debts.

    Despite this, there as some “activists” who are pushing for the legalization of prostitution. Yet the most prominent activist in BC that runs a “union” of sorts for sex trade workers actually advocates for the Hells Angels. That is a colossal conflict of interest.

  3. If she is advocating for them, then she is controlled by them (either directly or indirectly).

  4. Quote - Man against Man! Nearing the end?


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