Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer on Cypress

On the brighter side, summer is in full effect. I hiked up the Sky Chair on Cypress yesterday and the trail was bare and dusty. No snow cap left at all. Even the Lions are pretty much bare. The only place near by with snow now is the glacier on Baker. Time to hit the water.

The picture below is the view of Vancouver from the look out point on Cypress you can drive up to. You can see Ambleside and Stanley park. There are a whole bunch of plaques here talking about global warming and the effects of climate change. It states that burning coal, gas and oil raises CO2 levels and increases global warming. That's why selling China coal from the Surrey docks is not progressive it is regressive. Wheat is progressive.

Remember the Alberta Wheat Pool by second Narrows bridge? Selling China wheat instead of coal is good business. Wheat doesn't damage the environment. That is progressive.

I forgot to mention that a hiker died descending a snow chute on Sky Pilot mountain earlier this month. Seemingly you access it from the new gondola on the Chief in Squamish. I've hiked up the back of the chief but i haven't done the new gondola or Sky Pilot yet. It'll be worth checking out when all the snow pack has melted. Tragic accidental loss of life.

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