Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jimmy Cournoyer will be sentenced in August

The Borderland Beat is reporting that Canadian Drug Kingpin, Jimmy Cournoyer, also known as Cosmo, will be sentenced August 20th after pleading guilty to drug trafficking last year. Apparently U.S. feds are now seeking a 30 year sentence, arguing that a lighter sentence would amount to little incarceration time for Cournoyer, due to the fact he has elected to spend his sentence in Canada. Canada has a very liberal probation system that would drastically cut actual time spent behind bars. The liberal probation system they refer to is the mandatory statutory release after two thirds of the sentence is served.

This is the drug ring that was tied to the Hells Angels in Canada where 83 kilograms of cocaine and 60,000 MDMA pills were seized. In total, more than 100 defendants have plead guilty to narcotics trafficking charges since the investigation commenced in 2007. Clearly Cosmo is not the Kingpin any more than Rob Shannon was. Rob had a luxury boat, Jimmy had a luxury car. Both of them worked for the Hells Angels. If you want to charge the kingpin you have to charge the Hells Angels otherwise they'll just get another puppet.

No doubt Cosmo was a high level money launderer and was well paid. Yet it's clear he was laundering money for the Hells Angels and that he worked for them. The connection to the Mexican cartel is insignificant since that is where the cocaine came from that the BC Bud was exchanged for. The BC Bud the Hells Angels control. The Bonanno crime family connection is insignificant as well. They are the ones who were buying the BC Bud.

This is the same drug ring Larry Amero has been charged in. However, even Larry isn't the kingpin. Larry isn't very bright. He always works for someone else. Someone like Randy Jones on the West coast. Randy Jones is smart. He's the brains of that operation. Larry is just another ork like Jamie Bacon. Larry went to Montreal after he was shot in 2011 and this ring was in place since 2007. Larry was put in charge of a drug ring that was already in place. Rob Shannon was arrested in 2009. Yet the Hells Angels transfer of BC bud for cocaine in the States continued after Rob Shannon was arrested. The three rings involving Rob Shannon, Randy Jones and Larry Amero clearly show that the Hells Angels are the real kingpins behind this huge drug trafficking network.

Jimmy had a letter of support from GSP who his brother was seen partying with. Things that make ya go hmmm... Speaking of the Hells Angels control of BC Bud, CBC is confirming a scan BC report that Jim's Weeds medical marijuana store was raided by Vancouver police. Yet they let the Hells Angels sell pot out of the Black door without a word being said. Are the VPD helping the Hells Angels maintain a monopoly on the drug trade in Vancouver? Tragic.


  1. Are the VPD helping the Hells Angels maintain a monopoly on the drug trade in Vancouver? Tragic.
    It might as well be said, the same in Surrey, Langley, MSA, Chilliwack Etc.

  2. Whenever there is money of this magnitude - and that is just the thing - no one is actually coming out and stating just how much money these drug gangs are dealing with here - of course there are people on the take.

    We are talking tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions a year. That's all profits. I'm not even mentioning the costs to buy the stuff and the costs put into transporting it.

    Just look at Benoit Roberge - how little it took to buy him and he spent his living studying these guys and learning their dirtiest of secrets.

    Even if not a single cop was on the take (and you'd better believe these gangs are definitely making it a priority to find ones who will be and can be!) all it would take would be the judges and prosecutors. It would not matter how many times the cops arrested your guys and charged them, the courts would overturn or not allow any conditions in the first place.

    Mind you, that sounds rather "bassackwards" because why wait until it got to that point at all?! I think anyone with common sense (and you'd better believe these guys have common sense and with a world-wide network they compare notes and teach each other what they have learned) would want to ensure it never got to that point to begin with. How do you do that? Make sure you insulate yourself (puppet clubs), make sure the cops are on the take.

    If a person is making millions a year, why not be willing to spend 10 or 15% of that on "insurance" in bribes?


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