Friday, January 3, 2014

Abbotsford Homicide - Red Scorpion Dead

Global is reporting that a man in his thirties walked into the Abbotsford Automall with a stab wound to his neck 3:45 PM on Tuesday. The man died in the hospital from his injuries. A blog reader sent in a page load of stabbings from Scan BC we don't even hear about if there's no fatality. CTV is reporting a source claims the victim is a well known local gang member.

Global is reporting the name of the victim is Matthew Campbell. Kim Bolan is confirming the gang link and refers to him as the "leader" of the Red Scorpions. The puppet club the Bacon Brothers took over for the Hells Angels in the Surrey Six.


  1. And I thought winterpeg was bad.

  2. Good riddance to bad company. I've never understood why drug dealers always resort to violence. The ones that understand blood letting is bad for business are the ones with the most 'success'. Stay away from bars and stop dressing like attention attracting clowns. Stop demanding respect and lower your ego's. You are after all lazy drug dealing bums who have no motivation to work and make any real money. You pollute the street's and make the world a crappier place. The sooner you all understand this the sooner you can sell drugs in peace and harmony. Until then I'll be happy watching you all reap what you sow.


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