Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dianne Watts vs Barinder Rasode

Well, well, well, trouble in Paradise I see. In case you missed it, the front page of the Surrey Now is about how Dianne Watts apologizes for clicking like on a facebook comment calling her fellow Counselor a coward. Only the original comment didn't say coward it said something else.

One would think that no one would care who does what on facebook. I don't. However, this is rather significant because it shows two things. It shows that there's trouble in paradise and that Team Godzilla contains a split. It also shows Dianne Watts perpetual bullying outside of her denial. Vancouver 24 hours is now reporting that Surrey’s mayor looks vulnerable. Perhaps that's why they are so nervously attacking others.

What Dianne Watts did was click like on an act of cyber bullying. Isn't that ironic? Insert I told ya so here. Not only was it attacking and bullying a fellow city counselor, but an independent blogger as well. I wish I could say this kind of conduct is shocking but it's not. When an independent blogger stands up against the main stream propaganda, they often set themselves up for bullying and character assassination. Why just ask Gary Webb.

What I'm shocked about is that the comment originally came from Alex Tsakumis. I didn't know much about his background but I've heard his name as a local blogger. That kind of cyber bullying from another blogger is shocking and disappointing. Don't get me wrong. I do think Barinder Rasode is a raging lunatic and I will explain why after we get this all out in the open first.

The attack on Laila Yuile is not only a blatant act of cyber bullying it was done under false pretense. From everything I've read, I can't see Laila supporting Rasode. Laila was against the mega casino and Rasode is for it. So the fear based bullying is unwarranted. Tsakumis' credibility has been diminished.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting on part of the facebook post Dianne Watts clicked like to. Only it's missing the coward part which didn't say coward it said whore. That's right folks. Dianne Watts clicked like on a Facebook comment calling her fellow counselor a whore. That is what it originally said. First it said whore then it was changed to read media whore. I have several blog readers that have sent me copies of the original post.

This is the original facebook post Dianne Watts clicked like to:

"So very disappointed by Surrey Councillor Barinder Rasode's histrionics, division and lack of leadership. For the latter part of this week, since the utterly tragic death of Newton hockey mom Julie Paskall, Rasode (shamefully aided and abetted by Surrey gadfly, 24hrs columnist and avowed Dianne Watts hater Laila Yuile) has been using the death of a woman whose body isn't even cold, to score points for herself. Surrey has a crime problem, today, no differently than Abbotsford did years ago and Vancouver before that. This is the drug business correcting itself. There is NOTHING anyone but the RCMP can do to help. But leave it to two shameless women (Rasode and Yuile) to use the death of a hockey mom in an attempt to advance their respective careers--and take veiled, cowardly shots at Watts and the rest of Surrey council in the press. As a former resident of Surrey and long time (current) Surrey business owner, I think both Yuile and Rasode (particularly Rasode) should be held with the utmost contempt for their disgusting conduct and outrageous statements. Making positive statements based on fact is one thing, but being a whore is quite another." by Alex Tsakumis, liked by Dianne Watts.

One of the blog readers that sent in the original quote asks: "If Dianne Watts apologizes for clicking like on a facebook posts that called Rasode a coward, does that mean she's not sorry for liking the post that called her a whore?" Please advise.

I will add that I don't even know Laila other than having noticed she supported Ross Buchanan in the last civic election and that her blog is very well written and well researched. That's why I linked to it on my blog a long time ago. Her being bullied is further evidence of what I was saying about Dianne Watts' bullies. Catherine Austin Fitts refers to them as the attack poodles.

Update: It's rather stunning to see Alex Tsakumis boldly declaring in writing he stands by his post calling Barinder Rasode a whore. This guy is a bully and a freak. Since he blindly endorses Dianne Watts that means he supports the public scam involved in Campbell Heights. That not only puts his credibility into question but his integrity as well. Welcome to the Surrey Monster Mash.


  1. Actually I read Alex's blog quite frequently and as I can't state to this occasion as I don't live in surrey and don't keep up on its politics or politicians he is very credible I'm sure if you go and check out his blog you'll agree he is definitely opinionated and he is an entertaining and generally very well informed and intelligent read he seems well sourced and accurate

  2. I see so he's a nice bully that said something about Laila that was untrue.

  3. I actually didn't say anything about him being nice he's far from that he's opinionated and can be boorish even at times but that doesn't take away that he is intelligent and articulate and bullying is a bit harsh for name calling once on a blog if that was the case you yourself can be accused if the same from time to time

  4. I do bully bullies and drug dealers. I give them a taste of their own medicine. However, what Tsakumis said in his original post was anything but intelligent. He is doing exactly what he falsely accused Laila of doing only worse.

    If Rasode disagrees with several of Dianne Watts polices that have created a public outrage and decides to run against Watts in the next election, that most certainly is her right. Dianne Watts did the exact same thing against Doug McCallum who originally took her under his wing and helped her get elected to counsel. It would actually be karma.

    If Laila Yuile disagrees with some of Dianne Watts policies that has created a public outcry, then that is her right. If Laila decided to support Rasode in her campaign against Watts that would be her right just like it's Tsakumis’ right to blindly endorse Watts and her bullying. It's called the freedom of association.

    However, Laila isn't supporting Rasode. Laila is, along with the rest of the community in Newton, expressing outrage about one of Dianne Watts policies that has once again resulted in another human fatality in Surrey just like the one in the illegal booze can the city refused to do anything about. Laila's not exploiting that death for her own political purposes. She's just a blogger for God's sake. She's trying to help reduce crime in her community which resulted in a tragic fatality.

    Tsakumis on the other hand is minimizing a brutal murder for his political agenda in support of Dianne Watts' monstrosities. He is minimizing the passionate concerns of 150 people who attended the public meeting in Newton and the concerns of 300 people who were turned away from that public meeting. The businesses and the residents are complaining that the city and the police are letting drug dealers sell drugs in their neighborhood. That is the concern that needs to be addressed.

    The city directs and mandates the police. To claim that the city has no power to do anything about the problem is simply false and in contradiction to everything Dianne Watts originally campaigned for when she was first elected. Calling Rasode a whore for doing exactly what Dianne Watts did was cheap and dirty. In my opinion that has significantly reduced his credibility.

  5. BTW is Alex Tsakumis a member of Surrey First Electors Society?
    Is he also a developer in Surrey? Please advise.

  6. To my knowledge he is a Vancouver not a surrey resident and I don't believe he is involved in land development at all however I have not researched him to know what his revenue streams are

  7. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to explain how Alex Tsakumis the blogger is related to Alex Tsakumis of Epta properties and Quattro restaurant? It's rather difficult to see where the business interests of Alex Tsakumis the blogger and property manager's business ends and where Alex Tsakumis the property developer's business interest begin. It's somewhat blurred.

  8. Evidently, Alex Tsakumis the blogger claims Alex B. Tsakumis is his cousin. So yes they are two different people and yes they are related.

  9. Check out Tsakumis in the court registry, between him (AGT) and his relations, many with similar names (lack of imagination?) they sue everybody and everybody sues them. One questionable project (that was pure as the driven snow according to him) that AGT was personally involved in was the Britannia Beach "so-called" reclamation/mitigation(plug)/development. AGT is a climate change denier, Harper ass-kissing, arrogant braggart who pretends to know everyone that matters from pols to popes. According to a former neighbor, he still lives large thanks to daddy.

    1. Thanks. So AGT is Alex the blogger not his cousin that owns land in the Semiahmoo tower proposal the locals are fighting?


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