Monday, January 6, 2014

The Newton Community Meeting was a Farce

Tonight at 7:00 PM there was supposed to be a public forum about the Newton murder and drug related violence but Dianne Watts bullied the president of the Newton Community Association into letting Bill Fordy and Karen Reid-Sidu highjack the meeting and tell everyone what a wonderful job they're doing instead. When Bill Fordy got up to speak I had to leave the room to be sick. Transfer. That guy was not supposed to speak at that meeting. He was supposed to listen. Something that political sleazeball is incapable of doing.

There was limited seating and over 300 people were turned away. The media was not allowed in. They had to stand outside and speak with some of the people who didn't get in. This woman explained her concerns about not feeling safe in the neighborhood. Note the guy in the back sporting one of the famous "Revolving Door Makes Judges Accomplices" T-shirts.

Karen Reid-Sidu is from the Surrey Crime Prevention Society and is a personal friend of Dianne Watts. Her husband is a cop. She is paid to oversee the volunteers. There is no question that the volunteer patrols the Community members do in Newton and elsewhere in Surrey is a good thing. These volunteers show that the Community members care about their community. This was not the time and place to tell everyone what a wonderful job you're doing.

These are volunteers. Most of whom work during the day. It is a good start but they don't have the authority to arrest drug dealers. They just report crime to the police. Hell the businesses are doing that and they claim the police aren't doing anything about it. They are letting crack dealers sell crack there. That is the problem. All their Laura Balance bullsh*t won't change that simple fact. So yeah, the meeting was a compete waste of time and nothing has changed in Surrey from the 2008 Crime Prevention Meeting. Nothing has changed. They still aren't listening.

It's the same problem from June 2013 when the police and the city were letting crack dealers sell crack in a Surrey trailer park and refused to do anything about it. Let's not forget how Dianne Watts was caught lying in the Surrey Leader. When people wrote in and confronted her bold faced lie the Leader had to print a retraction. Go Godzilla.


  1. Wow!!!! What a joke. What horrible times we live in. Nobody listens....nobody cares. Just sweep everything under the rug. I cant believe some whacko is walking around the street's after murdering and innocent mother and those bozos can yammer on about the "great job" they are doing. It's a sad sad world we live in.

  2. I quite agree with most of your comments, K, but especially the FORDY lack of communication skills that is a totall reflection of the entire SURREY RCMP FORCE!!
    As you say, nothing will change as Drug money drives Surrey econony run by politicians best friends - HIGH SOCIETY!

  3. Another murder in Whalley. Either last night or early this morning. Perhaps the sweet lil home owner lady??? What's going on in Surrey? Excellent work Diane :/

    1. Do you have the link? It's not in today's printed edition.

    2. Found it:

  4. I haven't been able to find a link all day either. A gf of mine lives next door. Cops were pounding on doors asking questions at 7am. Hoping to get some details on the news. Really hoping it's not the home owner. Very nice lady.


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