Thursday, January 23, 2014

Second cop implicted in Montreal Hells Angels leak

I guess this is what Benoit Roberge meant when he said he wasn't going down alone. CBC is reporting that Benoit Roberge may not be the only Montreal police officer who allegedly gave sensitive internal information to the Hells Angels. Aparently another officer who worked closely with Roberge is under investigation as well.

Let's not forget our own dirty former cop on the West coast Rob Sidhu who not only gave intell to the Hells Angels but was convicted in a cross border cocaine ring tied to the Hells Angels. Then there's Cpl Jim Brown the BDSM freak that was involved with the Pickton investigation and fantasizes about criminal acts. What I don't understand is if the police thought Jim Brown had a dvd of evidence in the Pickton investigation, why did they tear up and search the whistle blowers home for him? Please advise.


  1. Just discover your blog .. NICE !!!

  2. Please keep us up todate with more details on bad brass inside RCMP INTELLIGENCE!


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