Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ice Carving at Lake Louise

Here is is, the moment we've all been waiting for. The kaleidoscope's climax to the Surrey Winterfest. This is the magic plateau. For years I've been wanting to visit Lake Louise to see the ice carving. This weekend I finally made it for the 20th Anniversary of the ice magic festival.

I love ice carvings just like I love the symphony although I can't play music. In a symphony, a sea of strings make the woodwinds come alive. Likewise, ice carving makes Lake Louise come alive. The cold temperatures and beautiful scenery make it the perfect place to host the competition.

I've always wanted to see the ice castle they make on the lake every year for the festival. This year was indeed a dream come true. I have a ton of pictures to sort through and will upload them to my flicr account but I just want to emphasize what a beautiful sight this really is. I always encourage high risk youth to travel. They need to get out of the fish bowl and see that things aren't the same in their little slum they are stuck in. They need to get out and see what else the world has to offer.

Let me show you the ice magic I saw a Lake Louise.

Come see it for yourself. The ice carvings will be there for a while. The small ice carvings from the one block one hour competition are out front the Lake Louise Inn. The large ice carvings are right at the lake behind the Chateau. You have to see them lite up at night as well.

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