Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Save the trees

Evidenty they are eagerly butchering the trees in Newton today. I know some people made a call for them to cut down the trees in Newton after the brutal murder of a hockey mom there but we really need to rethink that one. Whenever there is a high crime area cutting back underbrush and adding extra lighting is always a good proactive form of crime prevention. However, these are a tiny pocket of old cedar trees. I really don't think we want to remove them.. They add a sense of serenity to the area.

Grand Central Park in New York City was at one time famous for crime and muggings. The New York Model didn't involve clear cutting the park. It involved arresting the drug dealers that was causing all the associated violence. If we cut down every tree in Surrey, that will not stop any crime there as long as we let drug dealers sell drugs in public. We need to cut out the crack dealers not cut down the trees.

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  1. They already hacked down the forested area across from King George 10 yrs ago. I liked that area. Thinning out the under brush and arresting the dealers would've been fine. Leave the trees alone. If only trees provided free wifi, we wouldn't cut any down and would plant them everywhere. Too bad they only provide the oxygen we breathe. Still so sad they haven't found who killed that poor woman in Newton. Today I read somewhere that a high risk sexual predator was being released somewhere in the lower mainland. Robert Major. In the words of Charlie Daniels I'd like to find a short rope and a long tree and let people like that swing from it until the sun comes up. Our justice system is such a sad disgrace. I hope the revolution comes sooner then later.


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