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Follow up interview with Kerri Krysko

In November I did an online interview with Kerri Krysko and said if anyone has any specific questions for Kerri to e-mail me and we'll get her to answer them in a follow up interview in the New Year. There was quite a lot of traffic and interest in the interview and I did get people e-mailing saying to wish her well but no one wrote in with any specific questions.

Kerri on the other hand has been getting swamped with fan mail making it difficult for her to respond to each one personally. To simplify things Kerri took a list of common questions from her fan mail and we turned that into the online follow up interview. Here it is. As I said in the last post, I'm working on another kind of story for the Surrey Winterfest. Cheers.

1. Are you scared of your ex coming after you or hurting you?

I am so far away from my ex that if I was to make any sort of impact on someone who has or is going through something similar then it wouldn’t help anyone if I was scared. I wrote for one reason and one reason only to help others. Now on another note I had to overcome a lot of my own self built prison walls in order to gain confidence in writing my true story. That took time, a lot and I mean a lot of self-healing. It never happened overnight, in a day or even in a year. It took years, but strength is everything, I still have self-doubt at times and that doesn’t lay with my ex , that just lays within myself and on completely unrelated matters.

It took me breaking the cycles where they started. So there is your answer: I am not and am no longer under his thumb or anyone’s for that matter.

2. Are you scared of retaliation? Or, why aren’t you scared?

It’s sort of like the same question as above, once again for another, I will answer in a way to explain where I am coming from. Those tell all books have all been written before: informants, infiltrators, reporters, cops or even members themselves have written Hells Angels books and maybe they did have to be worried. I don’t. Is mine a tell all book? Only each Individual one of us can be the judge.

Life in that fast lane or life behind the scenes, hustling, bustling, blinging and banging. Why would I need to write that, that’s WAY over written and personally not who I am. I’m leaving those books to be written by others, but I ask this,” Aren’t people who aren’t even gang members and are part of society, still doing the same? Hustling, blinging and banging”.

Remember these people were my family, my only family for a huge part of my life, I am not going to throw them under the bus and purposely try to hurt them in anyway and for what a quick buck… think about it!

Life as a wife has never been written before so yes I do have a story, and perhaps this is why my book (series) is for everyone and why I have officially landed worldwide, and also why, without me even in the media very much, it is still flying off the shelves, because it is a first time ever written book that is very raw, very real and very much part of a lot of our lives.

I am not here to judge, hurt, ridicule and bastardize another person’s way of life. I am here to give a voice to someone who needs to hear it or someone who is enthralled or even intrigued. I also have many and I mean many men interested in what I wrote because they are now dating a woman who was abused or with a bad boy or has a mother who was abused or maybe just maybe they think I am cute…lol…

Girls are intrigued by the rough and tough ~ honestly who could blame them, when they’re in turn looking for “THE ONE” to sweep them off their feet and feel safe. “Just remember ( with any powerful individual) the party only lasts so long and eventually the same way you get them, is the same way you lose them. Your choice”. Unlike others I won’t ridicule or judge you. I guess it’s a complex question and extremely hard for me to answer.

No I am not scared or worried. By the time you get to the last page of “Kerri On”, you will see why I do not worry or maybe you will just automatically think I should be, but I am not doing anything wrong , if anything I am helping others or quite simply satisfying an intrigue in them. Leave it at that. “What I need only be concerned about is making the same mistake twice or repeating a cycle that should not or will not ever be repeated”.

3. Are you single? Do you want to get married if you’re not?

That’s hard to answer, if I answer yes I am, is it then I am going to start having stalkers and if I answer No, then everyone is going to want to know who it is. That’s very personal but as I type my answers and I think of how others in the public eye would answer that, they would just be for real, honest and upfront.

Yes, I am single, completely 100% . I had to heal within before I could ever date or even think about dating another person again. I am proud to say I took that time to find me and be me.

Life has plans for everyone, I am not searching for anyone or looking , it’s about my career right now and maybe one day I will meet mister wonderful but until then I am quite happy finally being me. No I am not interested in dating another bad boy again , been there done that. Final answer to last question, whomever sent it ~ “No, I do not want to get married, I do not know you!” lmao.

4. Are you a stripper?

Here’s the thing, I am going to answer some of these questions and others I am going to have to laugh at and leave in suspicion. I will only answer these certain questions for Gangsters Out or GQ Magazine or another magazine that specializes in this sort of field, or is it star magazine…national enquirer ….lol! “A pole would knock me in the face before I could ever swing around it and dance”. No, never, nor would I, its just not me, sorry!

5. Did you write your book for money? Did you make money?

Oh my word…really is that seriously a question! First that’s ridiculous if that’s the best you have to ask. Rephrase that question and ask me something along the lines of, so what is it like the income from a book? There is where you might get a roundabout answer, that is private and really there are certain things that are better left in confidence are confidential.

I will say this~ “I gave a lot to write my book and it was never about money”.

6. What type of success have you had?

I have broken a few records, and it makes me quite proud. I have landed Nationally in ALL Chapters/Indigo locations across Canada as well as Nationally available and officially in libraries across Canada as well. I hear that is almost unheard of for an independent book. I also am in Barnes N Noble in the USA, at select locations. Reaching as far as UK and Australia, for only a printed book in circulation and not an e-book that’s extraordinary. Yaaaaa :0

I have had people reach out to me that you would never expect bringing me to my own tears. It’s been amazing to say the least and also opened doors that would otherwise be shut. Writing is such a journey, as an author you need to be able to stand beside your book and be a brand, now that’s true success!

7. When are you releasing your e-book? Or better yet, when are you releasing your 2nd book?

Will update you within a few weeks for release date. Soon :)

8. Are you exchanging Intel with Agent K?

This is the best question!!!! Noooo, nor have I ever been asked, grilled or even squeezed for information. That’s not how I roll. I know him through a nice article he had done on my book.

Here’s a good laugh. I thought for sure if anyone could’ve knocked and degraded my book before its release, I knew it would’ve been him, or gangsters out blog. ( I swear there is a few people running this blog) I remember way back when thinking okay, prepare yourself for the one person who is brazen enough to stir up trouble.

I could not believe when my neighbour said to me one day, hey there was a nice article that was done on you recently that I read online. We chatted for a bit and I asked from who, it was at that point I heard it was this gangsters out blog. I was floored after reading what it said.

I hummed and hawed for a few days wanting to send an email and say thank-you for the nice article, but I didn’t know if that was wise. I just wanted to be me and who I am. So, after I thought about it over the week, I did leave a thank-you and I really did mean thank-you!

It feels good when you have your community support you, after stepping out and sharing such a personal life experience in every way, you need their support. I have had such wonderful support throughout all of Canada and beyond. I really mean it when I say if not for people reaching out to me, I do not know if I could’ve continued believing in myself. Everyone has given me such strength, care and love. Thank-You to everyone for that.

Since then I agreed to do a few interviews for his blog and that is the extent. Behind all that rough talk there is still a human being there and for that I appreciate what he has done in promoting “a worthy cause” as he puts it.

Kerri will be on the CTV Morning Show in Saskatchewan in the next few weeks.

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