Sunday, January 26, 2014

Increased Police presence in Newton

The Surrey Now is reporting that In the wake of the homicide of Julie Paskall, Surrey RCMP have increased foot and bike patrols in Newton, targeting drug dealing, drunkenness and prostitution in the town core. If this is true and if this policy lasts, then that is a very good thing.

All it takes is for a police officer to stand on a corner beside a drug dealer to significantly impact that dealers business. The article claims locals are concerned with how long the increase will last for good reason. Let's support this initiative and help it continue.

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  1. What an incident @ Newton Detachmentioned - what a mess!
    I have my suspicion that it was not drunk driving or vehicle failure!
    As for stepped up patrols, the Trafficking is as pervasive as before!
    I identified major transactions the moment after a patrol has past and often hours of no security all around the Newton centre - which includes the hot spot at Library and Seniors Centre!


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