Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hells Angels sentenced for murder and robbery in Spain

Spanish papers are reporting that member of the Hells Angels in Spain have been sentenced for the murder of a notary republic and for aggravated robbery. One of the bikers admitted to firing the shot that killed the 54-year-old notary in 2009, as well as shooting and injuring a bar-owner in San Pedro del Pinatar and burglarizing a home in Pedralba.

We're still waiting to hear word on the big cocaine bust in Spain tied to the Haney Hells Angels or the human trafficking bust tied to the Hells Angels in Spain and Germany. Cocaine by the ton, human trafficking and robbery. Nice bunch of guys. Only rats steal.


  1. Don't know if you caught this one by Kim Bolan?
    With this one Is much more to follow up on!

  2. I like how Hells Angel "colors" have turned comic opera, much the way a banana republic dictator for life wears 3.5 lbs of medals. Used to be just the 3 piece patch on the back and if applicable an officer of the club tab or two on the front, now the bottom rocker is duplicated on the sides and one metal deaths head becomes a half dozen........LOL.......what, no merit badges for woodworking?

    By the way, Hells Angels MC Hannover no longer exists, they were banned as a criminal organization by the state government which prompted them to relocate, and it's former president Frank Hanebuth (pictured) along with his band of not so merry men will be spending the next 26 years in high security prison on a Spanish island.


  3. Not to say that does not happen (I'm sure it does) but in Germany prostitution is legal, as I understand it the HA connection to that business there and in Holland is more about the "protection" racket and owning the brothels.


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