Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kelowna Hells Angel sentenced to 26 months for assault

Uncle Joe gets 26 months for assault. I wonder what he’ll get for speeding through Salmon Arm with a car load of weapons and a cell phone jammer. Talk about garbage, this guy fits the bill. No remorse whatsoever for his life of crime.


  1. dude don't you ever worry that theses guys may take offence to all the name calling and outing them . i mean look what happened to reporters at around the time of mom b and even before that was that guy that wrote an unflattering book on the hells angels . i'm just saying ...

  2. To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised I’m still around. I think most of them don’t care. Most of them have beef with Giles and agree the Habibs are idiots. Word is, “someone” was offering 5 thousand bucks to anyone who beat up one of these guys in Prison. That’s why Robert Thomas and Norm Cocks got beat up in prison. I’m sure Uncle Joe isn’t far behind those two.


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