Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Hells Angels and Stock Fraud

David Banes, the stock fraud expert from the Vancouver Sun put out an interesting article two blog readers just sent me. In the article he asks Are the Hells Angels financing the illicit promotion of dubious penny stocks in B.C.? He claims he has discovered evidence that raises that distinct possibility.

B.C. Securities Commission learned Erwin Speckert had funneled $8.2 million from offshore accounts to Abbotsford stock tout Colin McCabe to promote dodgy stocks listed on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States.

In February this year, the RCMP charged Speckert with possessing the proceeds of crime, trafficking in the proceeds of crime, possession for the purpose of trafficking in proceeds of crime, and laundering the proceeds of crime from the proceeds of illegal gambling in Ontario.

Although the RCMP declined to provide any information on the gambling enterprise David Banes connected the dots and discovered that it was an Internet gambling enterprise involving London Hells Angel Rob Barletta. Barletta was arrested along with Toronto Hells Angel Billy Miller tied to Platinum SB, an offshore betting site in Costa Rica with an active client base in the GTA.

Police said the gambling site provided the Hells Angels and their partners in traditional organized crime groups with millions of dollars, which fueled other crimes, such as human and drug trafficking. Whether any of that money was destined for illicit stock promotion purposes is not clear, but it certainly raises that rather disturbing possibility. I believe Alex Caine is going to touch on this in his next book about the Hells Angels due to come out this fall.

March 29 David Baines reported that Speckert has also been closely associated with longtime West Vancouver stock promoter Ingo Mueller, who has been in regulatory trouble here and in the United States. Remember the VSE? The VSE was shut down because of it's coruption being filled with fake pump and dump stocks.

April 9 David Baines reported that Erwin maintained a very close relationship with a stock promoter in Port Coquitlam. That three part series concluded that Erwin dealt through a web of offshore companies, mainly his firm Everest Asset Management AG, a Zurich-based company that provides asset management and protection services.

By dealing through a Swiss-based company he can invoke Swiss secrecy laws, as he is trying to do with the B.C. Securities Commission. But almost everything else about him and his services appears to be Canadian. He was born and raised in Canada, and currently lives in Minden, Ont. Many of his clients reside in Canada, more particularly Vancouver. And many of the bulletin board companies he deals with are either based in Vancouver or have strong connections to Vancouver.

Dare I say who else uses the shell game to hide their tracks?

April 11 David Baines reported that Erwin was tied to Quest Water Global Inc., a North Vancouver-based bulletin board company. A stock that a Panamanian-registered company named Resource Project Partners paid U.S. newsletter writer Mike Casson $900,000 to prepare and distribute a report that promoted the stock.

March 28 I reported on a Surrey father and son involved in an international stock scam. Two San Diego lawyers helped the pair hide their involvement in the company and provided misleading legal opinions. Former Vancouver geologist and mining executive John Gregory Paterson pleaded guilty to four of nine counts of fraud September of 2012. August of 2012 five from Surrey were accused of stock manipulation. Something the oil companies do all the time.


  1. You should look into the Liberty Reserve scandal... $6,000,000,000 since 2006... they are calling it the paypal for criminals.

  2. I'll have to check it out, thanks.

  3. PEI Ghiz and business partner, Paul Edward Maines, have major securities scams. Maines was banned from the markets by NYSD in 2004; they set up a dissolved Florida company (P95000051394) called Capital Markets Technology, Inc., Chicago- director Maines; then funneled the money back to a numbered acct on PEI #7645686 Canada Inc (director Jenkins 220 Water st., Charlottetown). The US and Cnd accts/companies were opened on Sept 10, 2010.

    The US SEC shut down their Chicago company on April 2, 2012 (File# 3-14782). They have requested financial reports as they never passed in any reports -an outstanding request from the US Securities Regulators (on Feb 14, 2013 when complaints are made on 2 accts and scam; this request from US Sec Reg was listed but PEI securities commission buried it and did not respond)

    Maines and others on BOTH companies in US and Canada were trading then transferring using names of other companies: "Financial Market Technologies" and under the same company that has accused Ghiz and gov't officials of taking their online software program to set up a online gambling company with breaches of agreements/contracts, securities fraud, etc., called "Trinity bay technologies".

    The corrupt PEI securities commission stalled the UK complaints until Ghiz had an Egyptian friend set up a new Cnd shell company-registration Feb13,2013 (another company from old Fla. dissolved co.) Khazendar Capital Markets Technologies Inc (co.# 8435987) After making transfers from 2 old accts to new shell co. from Feb 13-14, 2013; the PEI commission accepted the UK complaints (but cease orders were 1 day to late as they had already transferred before funds could be ceased)

    The PEI securities commission never followed any rules, buried the complaints, they paid off Maines to take fall and disappear to protect their scams.
    There is total corruption in entire system with massive securities fraud, fraud from the fast cash on grants and loans thru UPEI and PEI confed center; Egyptian UPEI Prez set up a bogus climate lab to get funding etc.

    Since the 300 millions they scored on scamming the PNP program, they have been involved with all shady business people and securities scams, ...massive drug problems...and those involved are those in the structure who are involved or paid off, kick backs, etc. Ghiz has also been paying off people to silence them with funds they scam thru all programs and securities markets scams

  4. Are there anyone who knows how to reach Erwin Speckert?

    I would really appreciate to receive his email address !!!

    He was in 2011 responsible/contact for an investment I made and at that time he the following contact info:

    Erwin Speckert, CFA
    Managing Director
    Stockerstrasse 39, 8027 Z├╝rich, Switzerland
    t: +41 43 288 2700 f: +41 43 288 2719 m: +41 78 818 2700

    ...but suddenly he totally disappeared and is now unreachable...

    Please send me his present email address or other contact info to:


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