Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top level drug dealers busted in Victoria is reporting that CFSU and VicPD have busted two of the top-level drug traffickers for Greater Victoria. Police arrested a 37-year-old Langford man and a 27-year-old Saanich man on June 6. Both have a history of violent crimes, drug trafficking, and ties to organized drug crime in the Lower Mainland.

"These guys represent the top of the food chain for the Greater Victoria area," said Staff Sgt. Conor King with the Victoria police. Both men have been released and no charges have been laid yet. CFSEU expects charges to be filed within "a month or two."

The two suspects were arrested at a residence in the 2700-block of Peatt Rd. in Langford. Investigators also searched a home in the 2700-block of Claude Rd. in Langford and in the 500-block of Heatherdale Ln. in Saanich. From the three locations, officers seized 28 pounds of marijuana, two kilograms of cocaine, 1 kg of crystal meth, 10 L of GHB, 200 pills of ecstasy and 1 kg of a "buffing agent" used to cut cocaine, 9 mm ammo, scales, a money counter and gun holsters. The grow had a medical license that had to have been approved by their landlord.

One source claims the suspects are Zachary Scott Matheson aka Ziggy and Ali Ziaee. Ali’s father was convicted of money laundering in Florida. The source claims they recognized Ziggy's house on the 5:00 pm news and said it was owed by prominent realtor Shirley Zailo. Ziggy lives at the 2700 block of Claude Road. The same area one of the police searches. Ziggy is friends with Jason Zailo, the son of their landlord. Jason is Lindsey Buziak’s ex. This is a big bust indeed.


  1. lol .. i love that the girl is got the gangsters glare :P

  2. I doubt it. Probably has the same supplier though.

  3. So what you are saying is the Zailos know and have connections to multiple sources in Organized crime?

  4. I’m saying Jason Zailo is friends with Ziggy and that Ziggy is bad news. Which confirms our earlier statements claiming that Jason had friends who were heavily involved in the drug trade with a violent criminal history. He could have easily hired one of them to kill Lindsey. Ziggy was charged with murder in 2000 but an associate plead guilty and he got off.

    Zachery (Ziggy) Matheson was romantically involved with Shannon Christine Spruyt. Ziggy's friend David Martin Niebergall plead guilty to murdering Kevin Black who was Shannon's new boyfriend after she broke up with Ziggy. Shannon was assaulted when Kevin was shot. Later that year she died of a heroin overdose.

    Larry Place, who now lives in Kelowna, murdered William Wendelborg in Halifax. They knocked him out with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine. Larry plead guilty to accessory to murder and served ten years. Likewise, Shannon’s death is suspicious.

    I’m saying if anyone has anything on these guys now is the time to tell that to the police while the police are compiling charges against them. For Lindsey’s sake.

  5. I just recently learned of this case. And there is something that is so off
    With it, I find myself returning to it, n not able to get it out of my mind. I dont no any parties involved, as I m a US. resident. My prayers r with her family. I will keep them in prayer, And this will be solved.

    1. Society seems to neglect to keep a closer eye on the young. Soany lives are destroyed through drug use amd alcohol use. Teenagers, almost often still kids, openly discuss drug types and drug use. I wonder what happens in the homes and environments of those children and teenagers. So many people are arrested, yet no one seems to bother searching for the root of the problem- i.e. upbringing, homes, surroundings, school, austracising, violence, bullying,ect.

  6. what happen to the guy named Jake who was dealing in Sannich - was he connected to these guys


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