Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stephen Harper surrenders Canadian Sovereignty

Stephen Harper is a raging lunatic. One minute he spends all that money on commercials about the war of 1812 and talked about boosting our military presence in the arctic, the next minute he completely surrenders Canadian sovereignty to the US. He is either insane or a complete deception.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a Vancouver lawyer claims the Canada-US maritime policing pact infringes on Canada’s sovereignty. No kidding. Having US police patrol Canada is an act of war.

We can share intel with the DEA and the local police agencies in the US but to let them patrol in Canada is a completely different matter. Especially since that will open up the door to the CIA and the US mercenary contractors doing in Canada what they did during Hurricane Katrina. Given the CIA's documented drug trafficking network as well as their false flag history, this is the biggest threat to Canada’s sovereignty and our national security in recorded history.

Harper is just like Obama - a complete deception. Harper is not a Conservative any more than Obama is a Democrat. Harper says one thing and does another just like Obama. Obama never closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised and continues false flag attacks on his own people because the CIA paid for his education. He was a plant. A fake,. A fraud. An enemy of the constitution and the left just like Stephen Harper is an enemy to the right. Belinda Stronach was more conservative than Stephen Harper and she certainly wasn’t very conservative. Harper is a Corporate Communist. He calls world government world governance. Stalin here we come.

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