Friday, June 7, 2013

The Right to Bear Arms

I’ve already mentioned how Jessie Ventura said that the intent of 2nd Amendment was not to preserve the people’s right to hunt. It was to protect citizens from tyranny. Many others share that opinion including Ice T. Bruce Willis said that if they take one of the people’s rights away in the Bill of Rights, what’s stopping them from taking all of the rights away? I agree with both. Taking rights away is bad and the right to bear arms isn’t about hunting. It’s about letting citizens protect their families from criminals and tyrants both foreign and domestic.

One of the people speaking in this Youtube video is a US soldier. Ironically enough, he admits going to war for the people’s right to buy oil. Yet he asks a profound question. He asks the journalist that was pushing for gun control if he would feel as passionately about doing away with the first amendment as he does about doing away with the second amendment. I agree. The second amendment protects the first amendment.

Years ago I was a big supporter of the US Constitution and the right to bear arms. Realizing many in Canada have a huge fear of guns as well as the legitimate concern about domestic violence and guns getting into the hands of children, I metaphorically gave up on the issue. Yet now more than ever when the government is invasively taking away more and more rights I do think the right to bear arms is just as important in Canada as it is in the United States. We have seen here in Canada what happens when only the criminals have the guns. It’s not working.

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