Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dead body found in Surrey donation bin

CKNW is confirming a scan BC report that a dead body was found in a surrey clothing donation bin. A passer-by saw a man stuck inside the bin and called the police. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Tragic indeed. The homeless often sleep in the donation bins in Whalley.

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  1. Yes, while people die in these bins or live on the street or have their disability payments clawed back for bus passes, there was Christy Clark in her first B.C. Lieberal campaign ad telling voters how important jobs are so people will have money to spend.

    Well if people in this province might have some money to spend if Christy and her cabal weren't constantly "stealing" it from them via their "tax" schemes.

    Christy might want to do some work on the social development front and ensure welfare rates were high enough so people weren't homeless and there was adequate housing for every one. These days with the price of housing and rents every one under $150K A YEAR NEeds affordable housing.

    Of course that won't be happening. c hristy is far too busy ensuring her political friends get what they want.


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