Sunday, August 14, 2016

I've seen too much hate

Martin Luther King was an inspiring activist who in the face of great opposition said "I've seen too much hate to want to hate, and every time I see it I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear." More and more people are speaking out about the corporate mainstream media. So much so even the mainstream media reporters are starting to address it in their columns.

I will mention the Aaron Driver case and compare it to the John Nuttall case but before I do I just want to restate the obvious. All this sensationalized media hype and hate has become absolutely absurd. The mainstream media is going to great lengths to convince me to live in fear and believe that Islamic extremists are Canada's biggest security threat because troubled caucasian youth are taking up their cause and wanting to plan terrorist attacks in Canada. I reject that absurdity and I reject the hate they perpetuate. That is not the way I was raised.

We've talked about how large corporations tend to control the media. We've also talked about the amazing amount of influence the CIA has on the media and how they are continuously spamming the media with press releases trying to control public opinion. We saw it in Operation Mass Appeal when MI 6 knowingly sent out false press releases to the media about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction to try and sell the unlawful invasion of Iraq to the public. The Intelligence Agencies spend a great deal of time and energy trying to control the press. With all the media mergers that has become much easier to do. When all the media outlets are owned by one entity the media becomes much easier to control.

ISIS is evil. It is so evil it is hard to believe they are anything but the creation of the CIA. Nobody likes them. Muslims hate them, everyone hates them. ISIS does not represent Islam. Every crime has a means and motive. No Muslims are offended by the West confronting ISIS so where is the motive for radicalization? There is none. All these crimes that ocur without a motive all become very suspect indeed. Operation Northwoods was real. No conspiracy theorist made it up. That declassified document is something we still need to address. CSIS was caught funding and aiding ISIS in Syria. That is something that still needs to be addressed.

The day before 911 Donald Rumsfeld said that the greatest enemy America now faces is the Pentagon bureaucracy. He claimed that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion and that the military can't account for 25% of what it spends. $2.3 trillion - that is organized crime at the highest level. That was the day before 911. Now it is worse. Likewise in Canada, CSIS and the RCMP's anti terror terrorists lost $3.1 billion from their budget. That's not how much they spent, that's how much they can't account for. That is organized crime.

After the judge exposed the RCMP's fraud in the John Nuttall case, Bill Tieleman wrote a powerful article talking about the massive amounts of tax dollars the RCMP wastes on creating terrorist acts within Canada just like Donald Rumsfeld's declaration the day before 911. Now all of a sudden with this ridiculous Aaron Driver case all the missing money is forgotten and the RCMP are patting themselves on the back for the smoke and mirror distraction from the John Nuttall case as they just doubled their budget again. A job well done for organized crime.

All this money and media hype spent trying to create a boogeyman when the real boogeyman is staring us right in the face and buying up our land right here as we speak. Communism is a much bigger threat to Canada and world peace than Islamic extremism will ever be. Mark my word.

Lindsey Stirling strikes again. Shine a light through an open door.


  1. Sir . I have long brought up this lack of motive . Thank u .

    1. The lack of motive for any of these crimes is a huge concern but so is the sensationalized hate they promote. If a group of people are being oppressed and want to gain public support, blowing up innocent civilians is not the way to do it. We have seen how that has the exact opposite effect. Blowing up innocent civilians tends to outrage the public and inspire massive increases to military spending.

      In Ireland, the IRA wanted England to leave and let them be free. That was their motive. Before ISIS showed up in Syria that country was facing a civl war. When ISIS showed up boths sides said it's not us and both sides denounced ISIS.

      ISIS's absurd brutality did not gain them public support, it did the exact opposite in the same way Operation Northwoods was originally designed.

      If ISIS were a group of peaceful people being oppressed, I could see Canadian youth taking up their cause. That is not the case. ISIS are cruel bullies. I cannot see any motive for Canadian youth to be radialized. It just makes no sense.

  2. The odd Canadian youth being radicalized is no different from the 1960s and 1970s when some youth joined religious "cults". Should have read the papers then.

    Then our society went through the "joining gangs" routine in the 1980s. Youth wants to rebel. Its the nature of the beast. If your parents have done it, you want something different. Now the flavour is join ISIS.

    I don't worry about being killed by a terrorist. A few years ago 82 people died in Burnaby General of il deficile because the hospitals wasn't as clean as it ought to be. Now that is a much more terrifying thought for me than any terrorist.

    I am more afraid of someone driving drunk or distracted. In each category we loose about 85 people a year. From terrorism, not so much.

    We loose more children to poverty and its effects than we do to terrorism and/or ISIS.

    My suggestion the government turn off the tap with the RCMP and CISIS and their internal spying and start using the money for programs for youth or seniors. They're getting pretty shabby treatment these days also.

    If I'm going to be killed it will be by some one who knows me, not by a stranger. that's what the odds are for being killed, most likely by one you know.

    If you want to talk terror, I'm sure those people living in areas where there are drive by shootings are pretty terrified. Bet they don't even thing about ISIS and such. Just the crazy drive byers.

    1. It's just that I don't believe our youth are attracted to joining ISIS because there is no motive. Bill Tieleman pointed out that in the US a well-paid FBI informant befriended a Walmart worker and former drug addict named James Cromitie. They promised him $250,000 and a new BMW to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.

      Without the FBI bribe there was no motive for James Cromitie to commit a terrorist act. If they had let him commit the act they set up and shot him dead in the process we never would have known about the bribe or the real motive.

      As you say, just think how much of that $3.1 billion they lost from their budget that could go to fund housing and drug rehab. That would serve Canadians much more effectively than bribing lunatics into committing terrorist acts.


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