Thursday, August 4, 2016

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton the founder of ISIS

Interesting to see how the media is promoting Hillary Clinton in the next election. So much for being unbiased. I agree Trump is a raging lunatic but I am also very concerned that Hillary is even worse. After all she was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. She should be in jail not running for office. How those two won the nomination is a serious concern for everyone.

This recent article from the Washington Post which is the same MSM outlet that falsely attacked Gary Webb mocks Trump for some of the terms he has used to reference Hillary. He has called her Crooked Hillary, an enabler for her husband’s infidelity, Trigger happy, Perhaps the most corrupt presidential candidate ever, a dirty rotten liar, the devil, a pathological liar and now the founder of ISIS. Sounds about right to me. Lunacy aside those are all true statements which is causing Americans to ask what on earth has happened to the nomination process.

His ISIS quote was actually "We let ISIS take this position," Trump said Wednesday. "It was Hillary Clinton; she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS." The crowd responded by chanting "Lock her up!" She most certainly should be locked up for her involvement with Operation Fast and Furious. Her current and former connections to the CIAs drug trafficking network do cause us to ask about her ties to ISIS since the CIA were the ones that created ISIS and fund it directly not just indirectly through the unlawful invasion of Iraq.

A friend from the United States posted a video clip of comedian Jim Carrey with an arrow in each leg comparing that with having to vote for Hillary or Trump. They likened it to being shot in the leg with an arrow. Which leg would you prefer? How about neither.

This dilemma is causing some pretty frightening conversations in the US. Acknowledging that the two candidates are both awful, this article in Marketwatch addresses the dilemma and offers some possible solutions. They suggest voting for the party not the candidate. They suggest voting for the lesser of two evils. They even suggest not voting at all. Tragic.

One American who commented on the Jim Carey video clip said "I don't know how both parties possibly could've chosen the two worst possible candidates. That definitely says something about how either the elections work now, or about us as Americans..."

Another said "Hillary is the most corrupt and if you don't believe that well you have a problem. I am voting for Donald trump I don't care what anybody thinks. I know what Hillary will do. I know what Bernie will do. So I am going to give trump a chance."

Other comments include: "Even if that's the 2 to vote for.. you don't have to pick one.. you can write in anyone's name... so.. write in bernie." "Voting for the lesser of two evils is still an evil. There's a third option Gary Johnson, the only logical choice!"

"Not a scam, serious stuff, had one jackass, don't want another one. By the way Hillary is the JACKASS for all you People who love liars, killers, scammers and did I mention jack-asses?"

So let's compare the American two party system with the one party system in China and Cuba. Is it really that different? I do not support the one party system. I'm simply using the analogy to show how our democracy is being eroded and how we are walking down the slippery slope of Corporate Communism which is taking us to the same place Cuba and China is in. Somewhere we really don't want to go.

Cuba and China are Communist. They only allow one political party. That is not a democracy nor is it a free republic. However, the two party system is being hijacked. Jesse Ventura was once asked his opinion about the two party system in the United States. He sarcastically said I think it's great. It's like being asked what do you want to drink - coke or pepsi? He said they are both soft drinks. They are a little bit different but basically they're the same. So whose fault is that?

The problem is in the nomination process. How do we fix it? I don't know. I do know a Communist Revolution is not the answer. That's like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. However, the CIAs control of the media and the nomination process is a huge concern for every American who loves and cherishes freedom.

Senator Joseph McCarthy may have been a bit extreme but when he claimed Comunists had taken over the CIA he was absolutely right. History has recorded that. Wall Street funding FARC shows eactly where Corporate Communism really leads.

Now let's compare that to the one party system in China. I am told that there is a division within the Communist party in China. Two different schools of thought so to speak. Is it possible that the one party system could be more democratic than the two party system if there was in fact real room for different opinions to be expressed? Wouldn't that be ironic? Before we save the world we need to salvage and save democracy here at home. We need to preserve and protect the Constitution and the Charter of Rights because it is indeed hanging by a thread as we speak.

Fraud & corruption ate most of $1.4 billion U.S. taxpayers spent on rebuilding Haiti

Haiti’s Humanitarian Rape


  1. Hitlery is oodles worse than Trump will ever be, the woman is pure evil. And the evidence is there for all to see, but a complicit press is in the bag for her just like they were for Obama and will NOT report on this. I could go on all day but here are some brief examples....

    She is in favor of women's rights, but has no problem accepting millions in "donations" to the crooked "Clinton Foundation" she runs with Bill and her daughter from the Arab Gulf States where under Sharia Law a woman is at all times the property of either her father or her husband.

    She is an avowed disciple of Saul Alinsky, who wrote "Rules for Radicals", a handbook on how to tear down a society or a culture and take power. "“In the beginning the organizer's first job is to create the issues or problems.”

    She is likewise a fan of Margaret Sanger, who is the founder of what later became "Planed Parenthood".

    "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated" - Margaret Sanger

    "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision..." Hillery Clinton

    Did you know that people who donate to Planned Parenthood can specify that their donations support/fund abortions for specific racial groups in specific inner city area's? Google it.....

    "Look, the average Democratic voter is just plain stupid. They're easy to manipulate. That's the easy part." -Hillary Clinton, as told to Dick Morris in "Rewriting History". 2005.

    She is "against" Wall Street...

    Campaign Contributions from Hedge Funds:

    Clinton $48,500,000
    Trump $19,000

    There is one thing I agree with her on though. The average Democratic voter is just plain stupid. The woman is a proven liar, cheat, and thief, with blood on her hands, and the fact that anyone believes her BS is just amazing. If she gets elected it's all over, just a matter of how fast we hit bottom. That's on the domestic front, when we consider the consequences for the world if she's in charge....

    1. I dont think the sky will fall if she is elected I just think nothing will change. She has been actively engaged in the CIA's drug trade since Mena Arkansas. The Clinton Foundations making millions from selling Russian weapons grade Uranium was astounding:

    2. There's a new documentary on youtube called Clinton Cash:

    3. That link is being tweeted and re-tweeted like CRAZY...

      None dare? I dare. She's a fucking traitor and so is Bill, who pioneered the "donations" for technology scam 20 years ago with the Chinese.

      When Clinton became POTUS the Chinese still used TUBES in their military electronics. Long before he left, their gear was all transistorized/solid state, courtesy of Digital Electronics Corporation (DEC) who contributed MILLIONS to Clinton and the Democratic Party. Clinton instructed Janet Reno (the same AG that oversaw and "took responsibility" for Ruby Ridge and Waco) not to investigate the illegal transfer of technology.

      They are called "The Clinton Crime Family" for good reason.

    4. You make a good point about selling Communist China military technology. Kinda like how Canada is still selling Communist China nuclear reactors which gives them the technology and materials to make and export nuclear weapons. Canada is thereby arming North Korea with nuclear missiles. If that isn't treason, I don't know what is.

      The Clintons are famous for creating non profit organizations where a tiny percentage of the money goes to the cause and the bulk of the money goes to them and other things. That Children's Defense Fund was just a CIA slush fund. It had absolutely nothing to do with helping children.

  2. Good point. About 10% of what The Clinton Crime Foundation takes in is used for charitable anything. The rest goes to.....

    The Clinton's.

  3. I support Hillary Clinton. They tried to explain the nuclear button to Trump. He doesn't get it. You may not like her but try to remember Trump doesn't understand what the nuclear bombs are all about and what they can do.

    Clinton is no different than the Bushes or Reagan, etc. The world survived. WE may not with Trump.

    1. They tried to explain the nuclear button to Trump? I'm not sure what that means. They were selling Russian weapons grade uranium to make nuclear weapons. I think we all understand that. I don't support either candidate but it is clear Trump is the lesser of two evils. Jeb Bush would have been more of the same.

      Reagan was fine but you are right in that the Bush Clinton fraud is joined at the hip. Both families were involved in the CIA's drug trafficking out of Meena Arkansa. Baby Bush and Mr Bill teamed up on one of the Clinton Relief Frauds in Haiti:

  4. They tried to explain the nuclear button to him and he didn't get it. It was on the news. He kept asking if they had it why they couldn't use it. they brought in experts to explain what the nuclear weapons can do. He kept asking why he couldn't use them. That is not a bright man. One nuclear bomb can ruin a whole day. Even if you fire the thing at another nation, your nation will get the fall out and he doesn't seem to get what a nuclear bomb can actually do. quess he never figured out what it did in Japan. he doesn't seem to understand, if the U.S.A. send a nuclear bomb anywhere, more than one will be fired back. The boy is not bright.

    Regan was the start of all the problems we see in the U.S.A. today. In my opinion he was the first one who was bought and paid for by corporate America. he's the idiot who started the war on drugs, etc.

    You may not like Clinton but Trump has the capacity to destroy a lot of the world. I do believe that if he were elected, the American Generals might just refuse to follow his orders. His ties to the Russian oligary is some what suspect and we know how crooked they are and how Russia is run. No even if everything they say is true about Clinton, she is still better than Trump. His idea of making America great again is ensuring his billionaire friends make even more money. If you check the Republican platform it ought to scare the shit out of you. No choice for women. More guns, less health care, etc. Trumps statements on Muslims and Mexicans can not lead to a healthy country. It can only lead to racism and civil war.

    The world has always been ruled by a financial/corporate elite. They won't do much to upset their own apple cart and that means the world will continue more or less as it is. Trump, not so much.

    1. Ah so that's what you mean about pressing the nuclear button. If he did say that then that would be another one of his crazy statements. Which once again forces me to ask how on earth did he win the nomination? I'm not the only one that think it was a conspiracy to get Hillary elected.

      Clinton cators to the corporate elite. I don't think Reagan was the start of all the problems I think it was his advisor George Bush Senior who controlled him. George Bush Senior was involved in the October surprise that got Reagan elected then was accused of being involved in the assassination attempt against him.

      Clinton is evil. The world is doomed for another term.

  5. don't think we're going to agree on this one, but hey you'll be writing this blog for some years and I'll be reading it, so at the end of her first term we'll touch base on this topic again. don't worry I have a good memory and your old posts to check on.

    If Trump is elected I'll may be joining the former P.M. of Scotland in Antarctica and if we're still around, after his 4 years, I'll be in touch also. Yes, the former P.M. of Scotland had some interesting things to say about Trump and it wasn't flattering.

    1. The fact that Hillary was involved with if not the author of Operation Fast and Furious concerns me greatly and should concern you. You are right in that she is no different than George Bush. However, I didn't support George Bush either.

      It's the nomination process that's screwed. Either way if Hillary or Trump get in I'm not visiting the United States as long as either of those clowns are in charge.


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