Friday, August 5, 2016

Another social experiment

We talked about the Hamilton social experiment where a guy was being racist towards a Muslim and the people stuck up for the Muslim. Now we have another one where a Muslim and an Orthodox Jew are walking together through a Jewish neighbourhood, then through an Arab / Muslim neighbourhood. The people were a bit shocked but all were very supportive.

That's what I'm talking about. A free republic is where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Atheists can all maintain their own religious traditions and live together in peace. Adapting a single state religion is not a free republic. The freedom of religion applies to everyone.

Then at the end of the video they walk through a mixed neighbourhood and a piece of white trash calls the Muslim a terrorist. I rather keep the Muslim and the Jew but get rid of the white trash.

The world needs compassion and action not hate and intolerance.


  1. freedom of religion, is good; as is, freedom from religion. The U.S.A. has a great constitution, but the manner in which people interpret it, not so much. Canada has a more moderate attitude towards religion. Lets hope we never get to the point the Americans and their religion has. the craziest in the U.S.A. seems to be the born again variety, holy roller types protestants.

    Long live diversity, moderation, and respect for each other's religions.

    1. lol freedom of religion is the freedom from religion. It protects atheists as well. I don't know how the constitution can be misinterpreted to mean otherwise but nothing would surprise me. People twist the Bible around all they want to suit their own agenda. Diversity makes us strong.

  2. I hummed and I hawed whether I should put my 2 pence into this - this more of a judas goat post (as Trailrunner would put it - I also note he stays away from commenting on posts like this...).

    You are probably more right than you could ever guess with stating, "freedom of religion is the freedom from religion".

    I think the message of Fatima in 1917 (note, that next year will mark the 100th anniversary, please do not think there is no significance) clearly states the result of this false "freedom".

    Anyone may wish to deny the message of Fatima and I will freely agree with that "right" to do so (it's their choice, not their right) - however, they also freely agree to bring upon themselves the result of their choice.

    However, they cannot deny the facts of the miracles that were experienced at Fatima - and witnessed and testified to by hundreds of thousands of people (a great proportion being atheists, skeptics, scientists, reporters, communists and many others openly hostile to religion and especially the Catholic Faith) and verified and recorded for posterity on film; let alone primary source testimonies.

    Deny it is you choose - but those who do do so at their own peril.

    We must never forget the social Kingship of Christ.

    If there is a God (and logic and reason alone prove His existence (both Socrates in ancient Greece proved it - which is why Socrates was executed - and St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae proved it - both using only logic and reason)) then He, through the very nature of His being, requires us to elevate Him to His proper position and the obedience that comes from His divine nature.

    As for diversity, history has shown diversity does the opposite of strengthening any state - it is, in fact, divisive.

    I can agree with the protestant comment.

    1. lol then that is where we disagree. Fatima - that is retro. I haven't heard about Fatima since Ireland. I agree that logic points to the existence of a God. I wouldn't say it proves the existence but order in the universe would surely imply it.

      I realize that you are passionate about your Catholic beliefs and I totally respect that. I don't think Catholics should be persecuted any more than Muslims or Jews should. However, statements against diversity are indeed statement against a free Republic which is what James Connolly and all the republican founding fathers of the Irish Proclamation died for.

      I realize you and Trailrunner oppose multiculturalism despite the fact that there are many other things that the three of us do agree on. Diversity is the heart of a free republic which is everything that I stand for. It is what the Flag of the Irish Republic represents.

      You shocked me once by expressing support for the inquisition. I like many others think the inquisition was evil. Catholics killing Protestants for their religious beliefs is no different than Protestants killing Catholics or Hitler killing Jews. It is murder which the Bible condemns. If God is the author of liberty and I believe he is, then God was not the author of the Inquisition. Someone else was. That is not something I can in good conscience support.

      I don't think it is something Mother Teresa would support either. I dont see Mother Teresa picking up a gun and shooting someone for their religious beliefs. I see her picking up a bowl of rice and serving the poor regardless of their religious affiliation. That is what Christianity and pure religion is all about.

    2. First off, the Inquisition never killed anyone. That is an historic fact.

      The Inquisition, regardless of which country it was in, never had a mandate for capital punishment, period. Nor was their interrogation (this is what is referred to today as "torture") allowed to maim or disfigure anyone, let alone kill them!

      If you do not believe that, check out the resources I previously posted that prove this.

      Contrast this with the treatment by the state authorities of prisoners during the same time period. (there are many accounts of regular prisoners who voluntarily stated they had committed heresies so they would be released from the state prisons and turned over to the Inquisition; not because they actually wanted to be tortured or had committed any heresies but because those held by the Inquisition were treat that much better!).

      As for protestants, they were never even inquired about! Martin Luther was never even arrested! He was asked to speak to various councils about his heresies but was never imprisoned, never tortured.

      Only those who proclaimed they were Catholics could be inquired about. If you were a Jew or Muslim or pagan or atheist the Inquisition had no mandate to question you.

      (Remember, the term "inquisition" comes from "inquiry" and it was based upon the Roman method of the judge taking the time to find out the truth of the situation and inquire into the events to find out the factual truth - NOT to just sit and weigh which high-priced lawyer made the best case - if we had such a justice system no gang member or criminal would ever get off on a technicality nor would any police who abused their authority be left unpunished - yet so many today ramble on about how "backwards" and "medieval" (as if that term itself is a bad word!) and "evil" such a system would be - we need to ask ourselves why they state such things).

      Those who claim all these lies have an agenda just as devious and malicious (much more so I would posit because of Whom they offend!) as those who run the drug rings and operations you refer to (i.e. Fast and Furious, etc, etc, etc).

      It is easy to look at the historical evidence to see that the lies are clearly lies when it comes to the Inquisition.

    3. This is not something I'm going to argue about because the thought of promoting hate and intolerance makes me physically sick. Some people claim the Holocaust never happened and that Hitler never killed any Jews. That is an offensive lie.

      You can rewrite history all you want. The Inquisition was inherently evil and is in direct opposition to a free republic. It was no different than Chinese Communism or Hitler's Fascism. It was the same thing.

      In Ireland a republican is not someone who supported George Bush. It is someone who supports a free republic as defined by the founding fathers of the Irish Proclamation in 1916. I support a free republic. You obviously do not. That disappoints me grealty. It's like someone arguing in support slavery shouting the South will rise again. If the south rises to support hate and intolerance I will be there to oppose them.

    4. Time is short at the moment so I'll just say that, like the holocaust, the Catholic church's historical involvement in burning people at the stake for heresy or witchcraft, torture, and forced conversion is no more debatable than priests buggering little boys and their rapists being protected by the church. It is what it is.

    5. Indeed the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

    6. If the Inquisition was "inherently evil" then why was there never a single Saint who spoke out against it?

    7. Murdering people and torturing people for their religious beliefs is inherently evil. You don't become a saint until after you are dead so the saints would have unable to denounce it because they were dead. If no one who later became a saint spoke out against it it is because they were censored by the church. In fact, if a real saint spoke out against it they would have imprisoned them or burned them at the stake. They wouldn't have canonized him. That is why no saints were allowed to speak out against such a great evil.

      When Christ criticized the religious leaders at the time and called them liars, hypocrites and extortionists, the church didn't canonize him. The church crucified him. The inquisition was the exact same thing all over again.

      They even convicted Galileo of heresy for claiming the earth revolved around the sun:

      This conversation is too insane to continue.

  3. The good doctor is correct, I wasn't coming anywhere near this one.....I've become a lot more paranoid since I met Dennis through this blog, my first reaction was that this was a "false flag" stunt with a couple guys who are real big fans of each other dressing up like this and walking around to get a reaction.....

    Multiculturalism....well, there are different levels of it. The brand I like is where people of different backgrounds get together to form a unified whole. We don't care where you came from, only that you wholeheartedly become a Canadian, or an American. The brand the left backs because it helps them achieve their goal of tearing down the society they live in (social re-engineering) is where people come to a new country only for the benefits, not for the ideology that made that country great to the point where any one would want to come there at all. Who immigrates to Mexico? China? etc. No one.

    1. The Canadian Mosaic is different than the American Melting pot and I much prefer it. There is nothing wrong with wearing a kilt or a hijab. There is nothing wrong with keeping your heritage. This is such a simple example of such a simple concept. It's really disappointing how that can possibly be misinterpreted or twisted into supporting more hate and intolerance. The world has enough hate. We need to move past it if we are going to ever evolve into a more civilized society.

      The Oasis of Peace is a community in Israel that does exist and does work:


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