Monday, August 15, 2016

Kasimir Tyabji arrested for drug trafficking in Calgary

In July it was reported that the Canadian Border Services Agency’s Vancouver International Mail Centre intercepted a parcel containing an unknown white powder suspected to be fentanyl bound for a Calgary resident. Turns out it was fentanyl and Judi Tyabji's son Kasimir has been arrested for drug trafficking similar to the Vancouver mayor's foster son. Which just goes to show you this can happen to any of our kids. It was only 122 grams of fentanyl sent in the mail so it certainly wasn't a large operation. .

Earlier this month we posted a link to an informative documentary on the Fentanyl drug trade in Calgary showing how harmful and addictive the drug is. In Calgary addicts are knowingly buying the harmful drug because they are addicted to it. That is the same scenario local drug dealers are trying to create in Vancouver by selling other drugs laced with fentanyl or as in the Shakerz OD selling straight up fentanyl pretending it is cocaine.

Not arresting a local dealer for selling drugs laced with fentanyl to unsuspecting buyers is insane. We should not be promoting that kind of bad business.


  1. Keep in mind that the Mom Judi is also a crook. She was accepting handouts from Christy Crooked Clark for her sheep shearing operation.

    1. She wrote a book for Christy. Her husband got the job advocating for natural gas.

  2. Any one dealing in Fent. ought to be charged with attempted murder. Fent. kills and if you're peddling in it, you're trying to kill people, even if your intent is to make money. If you're too stupid or stoned to figure that out, the lawyer can always plead, diminished capacity. If you have all your smarts, time to go to jail to contemplate your career choice.

  3. The both of them make me sick.. And I see them live their happy little lives in the town where I live.... You can actually feel the arrogance and complete disregard for anyone but themselves whilst in thier presence.


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