Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Return of Xander Cage - from Russia with love

I don't know what this massive spike in traffic on my blog from Russia is all about but Greetings. I made a few posts about the Ukraine a while back. It's pretty obvious from the election before the conflict, half the population wanted to be part of Russia while the other half wanted to be part of the EU. I don't trust Putin but I don't have beef with him either. As far as I'm concerned he's no different than the Americans. He's willing to kill his own people and blame it on terrorists just to get elected. Back in Ireland they used to refer to Russia as big brother.

I still have love for my brother yo. From Russia with Love was an old James Bond movie that took place in Russia. Pure fiction as the MI 6 and the CIA are both dirty as f*ck. Vin Diesel fell for a Russian girl in the movie xXx. Turns out Vin Diesel is making a come back in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage featuring Nicky Jam. Now that's what I'm talking about. Reggaeton lives.


  1. Good morning Dennis,

    If those "visits" are coming around midnight you may be one of the B.C. bloggers who got "visits" and it is doubtful they were with love. Your posts may have put you in a grouping of B.C. bloggers who have "UPSET" the powers that be. They got visits from Russia, also.

    If you check at Pacific Gazetter, RossK's blog and go back a few weeks ago, you will note his blog got some of these visits, approx. over a thousand a night, as I recall.

    Please make sure your blog and its platform and all that good computer stuff, is really well protected. I know In by Norm Farrell increased his security after they knocked out Laila Yuille's blog.

    You may not consider your blog as controversial as the one's I've mentioned, but at times, I would suggest, you are not exactly on the top of the list of "favored" by the current provincial government. Your blog has expressed opinions on "inadequate" policing, homelessness in Surrey, drug issues; lack of treatment for drug addiction, etc.

    Your blog may differ in any number of ways from the others, but in between the lines you deliver a message. As the blogs I mentioned earlier, have reported, the photo op queen, Christy, has approx. 200 people on staff, paid for by you and me and all the other tax payers, whose job it is to "check" on the MSM, blogs, etc. yes, that is 200, even though the Provincial Parks system has approx. a dozen Park Rangers left, due to budget cuts--check Pacific Gazetter for more details. If you check back a couple of months ago, Laila Yuille "caught" some of the government "snoops" having a look see at her blog. She was able to "follow" them back.

    In my opinion, you maybe the latest of B.C. bloggers having a "visit" from Russia and you may have had visits from one of those "screeners" from the provincial government. If memory serves correctly you may have had a few posts on the 20 year deal with the RCMP and their new headquarters in Surrey. Remember the election is next year and the "voices of no" aren't to be tolerated.

    1. It was steady traffic coming in from Russia each week for a month. I'm less concerned about them than I am of Christy Clark's crew and the corporate hacks that impersonated anonymous who hacked Laila's blog. That was messed up. There is no way that was anonymous but they claimed they were. Norm' a good guy. I corresponded with him when I worked for the Post Office. I don't track ips. My blog just records what country people are from and what pages get the most visits. The corporate hacks can look at my blog all they want.

    2. O.K. I just wanted you to know what had been going on at the other blogs. Its just that corporate hacks when looking and deciding they don't like what you write, well we all know what happened to Laila Yuille's blog. It wasn't Anonymous. No one believes that one. Be safe.


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