Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vancouver Longshoreman busted in New York Cocaine Ring

Kim Bolan is reporting that "Just as his elder brother before him, Vancouver longshoreman Alvin Randhawa has pleaded guilty to being part of a cross-border cocaine smuggling ring. Randhawa entered the guilty plea on Aug. 15 in Buffalo, New York, to a single count of conspiracy to export cocaine from the U.S. The 35-year-old faces a mandatory minimum jail term of 10 years. A date for sentencing has not been set. His brother Alexie, also a Vancouver dockworker, was arrested in California in 2008 with 107 kilograms of cocaine and pleaded guilty. He served four years in prison before returning to Canada and his job at the Port of Vancouver."


  1. and he returned to his job as a Long shoreman??????????
    What the hell? How did he get security clearance for that????

    It is rather amazing that his brother, who is a longshoreman can not get clearance, without having any convictions, simply because he is the brother of a convicted coke "dealer", yet the actual "dealer" gets his clearance and his job.

    It boggles the mind. Really some one needs to have a look at this one.

    Any one convicted of smuggling ought not to be working on the docks in Vancouver. The new federal government might want to give some consideration of re instituting the Port Police.

    1. He didn't get clearance lol... And neither did his brother , they have jobs but not ones that require clearance ... Educate yourselves before you speak

    2. They obviously got a port pass. That is what should be revoked.

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/drug-smuggling-women-took-200-pounds-of-cocaine-on-exotic-world-cruise-cops/ar-AAijRiu?ocid=mailsignout

    Let's see....what "syndicate" do we know from Quebec that would be behind a 63yr old male and two females 28 and 23, all French Canadian, winding up in Australia with 200 lbs of coke?

  3. the 2 young women and the old man on the cruise ship with all that coke, its a serious crime, but on another level it has all the makings of a comedy series. They posted a number of their "vacation" pics on line. Ah, well at least they were arrested in Australia.

  4. Yes, I finally made a post about it.


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