Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Maple Ridge Drug House Protest

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that local residents in Maple Ridge held a protest about a proposed drug house the city plans on building beside a day care.The city wants to turn the Quality Inn into a homeless shelter. Normally that would be a great idea. However what they are planing is not a homeless shelter it's just another drug house like the Front Room and the Lookout in Surrey.

"Lyanne Alexander says if a proposed homeless shelter opens beside her Maple Ridge daycare, she’ll have to close. 'We have 45-plus families in our centre and 55-plus children,' said the co-owner of Meadow Ridge Centre for Childcare on at 21409 Lougheed Highway. 'We’d have to close. We’ve got feedback from families that if it goes through, they’ll go elsewhere. I don’t blame them. If I had children here, I’d do the same.' Alexander said the low-barrier centre would be built beside their facility in an empty lot that’s already frequented by homeless and drug-addicted people. 'We see a lot of homeless people there, drug users, condoms. If it was a built facility, it would be magnified hugely from what we’ve seen,' she said."

Turning homeless shelters into government run drug houses is socially irresponsible.

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  1. they want to build what beside a day care centre. Are they out of their minds? who owns the lot and how much profit will they make from the deal?

    Good on the residents to protest this. Why don't they put it next to the M.L.A.s house? Better there than a day care. The "planners" simply don't care about the people in the area. For that matter they don't care about any of the voters.

    It is important to ensure drug addicts have a safe place to live. It just ought not to be next to a day care and it ought not to be so large. If its going to be that large it needs to be in a rural area on acreage.


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