Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Swarming in Kelowna

Rick Dennis of Vernon, Daniel Orge of West Kelowna, and Ryan Tanner are charged with aggravated assault when they swarmed and beat a diving student who is the stepson of a First Nations leader in an unprovoked attack in Kelowna. A fourth person is being investigated.


  1. Our great deportation system at work;

    Prince George gangster ordered deported now wanted for kidnapping.

    "A Prince George gangster who was first ordered deported to South Africa more than four years ago is now wanted by the RCMP for kidnapping and assault."

    "Prince George RCMP is looking for Francois (Frankie) Meerholz, 24, who police say is linked to the Game Tight Soldiers and Renegades biker gangs, as well as his brother Dillan Meerholz, 22."

    "Responding to a report of a kidnapping, Mounties went to a rural area east of Prince George Sunday and found a man suffering from serious but non-life-threatening injuries. It is believed the victim was held for several days in a house in the rural area. A 32-year-old suspect was arrested at the house, and a small marijuana-growing operation was found inside." (V.Sun)

  2. Well that is ironic. Did that guy ever actually get deported? We heard they were trying but he kept appealing or ignoring. The article would imply the kidnapping was recent.

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