Thursday, April 19, 2012

Harper closes two Prisons

This is so insane it is criminal. I was speaking with a guy who was protesting for greater judicial accountability for repeat offenders of property theft. He said he saw Stephen Harper during the election. My fist thought was did you kick him in the ass for me? He said he shook his hand and thanked him for more money for prisons. I gagged and said, Did you know as soon as Harper got elected on a tough on crime platform, he cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force? He looked puzzled and said no.

Now they have reached into the outer realms of absurdity and are closing two large prisons in Ontario because, contrary to popular belief, his government's tough-on-crime legislation has not significantly increased Canada's prison population. Instead, it's simply kept offenders behind bars longer, he said.

"The influx of new prisoners originally predicted is not materializing," Toews said.
The closures will save $120 million a year, the minister said, adding the government has no intention of building new prisons. Instead, it will move current prisoners to other facilities. Holy Crack Pipes Batman Stephen Harper is the Anti Christ.

We complained about how their insanely over reaching crime legislation implemented mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crime but not for prolific offenders or violent crime. We complained about the fact that our under funded and over burdened prisons and courts couldn't handle the influx of nonviolent offenders and it would prevent us from dealing with the real issue, violent and prolific offenders.

So what was their response? Rage and denial. Oh and stalking of course. Kim Bolan made a simple post about how the new legislation will cost more money and she was overwhelmed with their rapid response as they absurdly denied it. Now they dive into deep space to "prove their point" when they are Wrong Wrong Wrong. This is a sad day for Canada. That kind of absurd spin doctor stalking and squawking is treasonous. The Reform Party talked about polling the electorate. Stephen Harper does not.


  1. Well I have to assume the mandatory minimums won't come into play in BC as much as they will in other provinces . The reason I say this is after Harper slashed the RCMP's and the GTF's budget I bet they were thinking amongst themselves why should we uphold his rules if he doesn't support us financially . I also believe the marijuana industry is too deeply entrenched into BC's economy and to start busting all the growers would be a real bad thing cause of all the $$$$ they inject into the economy. These mandatory minimums really showed me where Harper's head is at then he goes and starts fucking with the internet , pension and the selling off of our resources to China . I just read that 2/3's of the oilsands are now owned by foreign companies .


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