Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tax loopholes of U.K.'s richest stun minister

Finance Minister George Osborne was left "shocked" after an analysis of the tax returns of multimillionaires, which he ordered, found that they were exploiting loop-holes to pay little or nothing at all.

A confidential study by Revenue and Customs found that the very rich were using aggressive avoidance schemes to reduce their income-tax rate to an average of 10 per cent - less than half the amount paid by the average Briton.

Hello!!! This is what we are saying. It's not a matter of the poor being jealous of the rich. It's a matter of the rich ripping off everyone else.


  1. Speaking of the rich, we should ALL know this, about the hit TV show, "Real Wives of Vancouver."

    "This carefully crafted atmosphere of harmless voyeurism (on RWOV)was threatened by the recent revelation that MacKenzie's husband Sun is in fact the former Sun News Lal, one-time associate of the late gangster Bindy Johal. It does spoil the lighthearted tone when you muse whether that's blood dripping off the money."

    http://tinyurl.com/7rpcncg (The Tyee)

    That is just disgusting; of course, he's still a cocaine Gangster. How else did this guy get his cash...? It's terrible, when a hit TV show, on Vancouver, ends up as an advertisement for what selling coke buys ya.

  2. Someone sent me a picture of the doctor who did the botox on that show with local gangsters. Supposedly he's a Vancouver dentist.


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