Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quebec Hells Angel caught in Panama

Michel Smith, a member of Quebec's Hells Angels who was wanted in Canada for the killings of 22 people as well as for drug trafficking has been arrested in Panama, police confirm. Panama?

Smith was one of 24 Hells Angels members and associates who escaped sweeping raids that targeted high-ranking Hells Angels in Quebec and New Brunswick in April 2009. Those raids led to 129 arrests, and the seizure of millions of dollars in cash, drugs and weapons. The charges laid in that sweep related to homicides and drug trafficking during the height of the province's biker wars.

Homicides and drug trafficking – those go hand in hand. The biker war in Quebec was a fight over drug territory. They were fighting over the right to sell drugs in a given area. It had nothing to do with riding motorcycles or living the dream. It was all about greed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Murdering rivals had absolutely nothing to do with honour and loyalty. It was about money. The money that could be made from drug trafficking. The convictions in Edmonton and Winnipeg clearly shows how this money making machine really works.

Not only do the Hells Angels profit from bringing cocaine into the country to be sold as crack, but they charge their puppet clubs who sell the drugs for them protection money. It’s a double dip. Profiting from the sale of drugs and profiting from the collection of protection money from the people that sell their drugs for them. That is a scam indeed. If they don’t pay their protection money, they’ll get someone else to sell their drugs for them. With friends like that, who needs enemies.


  1. Sunday, April 1, 2012.

    AK: "Quebec Hells Angel caught in Panama."

    freddy Mar 12, 2012 09:09 AM

    "SharQc fugitive Michel 'L'animal' Smith, accused in 22 Hells Angels murders, nabbed in Panama."

    I thought I'd heard that name before...

  2. Montreal Construction Mafia.

    "Investigations and wiretaps by the RCMP have proven the existence of direct links between the Mafia and construction firms throughout Quebec, according to the Charbonneau Commission. Many Quebecers are shell-shocked after months of apparently well-founded allegations of infiltration of public-works contracts by organized crime, and the clock ticks on with no arrests."

    "This corruption is so insidious that the former Montreal police chief, Jacques Duchesneau, who was the lead investigator into allegations of corruption, was fired recently — his contract cancelled."

    "The RCMP’s blanket refusal to turn over evidence linking Montreal’s construction industry to Nicolo Rizzuto, godfather of organized crime in Montreal until his assassination in November 2010, has forced the Charbonneau Commission to confront the RCMP in Quebec Superior Court. At the recent hearing, the RCMP’s legal team argued that the Commission doesn't have jurisdiction over the federally regulated police force." (

  3. Montreal Construction Mafia: Building & Highway Collapse Imminent.

    "Former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli once stated that criminal groups are focusing on Parliament, the courts and other institutions with the aim of "destabilizing" the political system. “While we would all agree that mistakes in business practice, questionable or unethical behavior, a lack of self-regulation or the failure of regulatory bodies to properly monitor, are all of serious concerns, by far the most frightening specter we face is that of corruption.”"

    "The City of Montreal is now haunted by poor design choices and substandard construction, the effects of which are beginning to endanger lives as infrastructure crumbles to dust."

    "Quebec authorities have had to shut down parts of two key bridges — the Mercier and the Champlain — to complete emergency repairs, as well as undertake emergency repairs on the city’s massive Turcot interchange after cracks were discovered on a ramp and steel reinforcements were found to have been improperly installed when the Turcot was built in the 1960s."

    "In October 2006, David Love published an Examiner article concerning the lack of work near Côte-de-Liesse and Hwy 13 South and a nearby employee’s fear of walking this route in the dark after work. This site has seen little work or repair to date. In fact, the only work completed was the replacement of three of the four lights on the underpass walkway."

    "Chunks and pieces of the highway and other supporting structures are missing, which raises concern for the heavy traffic flow below. The cracks paint a picture of invisible dangers of disintegration. As each year passes, the Montreal and other Quebec area highway system endangers the vulnerable public and heads closer to another collapse."

    Thanks, Rizzutos; who should all be executed like the HA.

  4. The sheep foolishly believe that the wolves will obey the rules the sheep drew up because it is "the law". They believe the sheep dogs can and will protect them. The sheep are foolish creatures who, no matter how many times this concept fails, cannot come up with a solution that will work because it is not in their sheepish nature. They bleat endlessly as more of them are slaughtered for the wolves dinner.

    The wolves don't care. They laugh at the sheep, who allow the sheepdogs only limited power to dissuade the wolf from being who he is and doing what he does. The sheepdog obeys, because he is not a wolf and serves the sheep even if they are foolish.

    The saddest part of this whole sick analogy is that the sheep dogs would very quickly solve this problem in large part if the sheep would allow them to. But the sheep are afraid of the sheep dogs, and rightfully so, as sheepdogs not closely watched tend to go feral. So the sheep accept guaranteed victimization by the true wolves rather than take the chance of victimization by the sheepdogs.

    Mutton. It's what's for dinner.....


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