Sunday, April 29, 2012

Iron Order mc New Brunswick

One blog reader forwarded a link to a new club in New Brunswick that the patron saints, Bacchus, don't seem to be too happy about. The aging rebel wrote about them in the States. Looks like they’re setting up shop here in BC too. It’s hard to think they’re not kissing 81 ass if they’re setting up in Victoria. The Hells Angels have a chapter in Nanaimo and there’s a huge drug trade in Victoria.


  1. They're not happy about it because it's a cop least down south it is. Don't know about the Maritimes.

  2. Turns out these guy have grown so fast (leading to them being referred to as an "Internet MC", LOL) that they have gone completely mainstream....but they are still referred to by 1%'ers as a cop club because they admit cops.

    It would appear that the 3 piece patch is being co-opted by the non-1% folks who like the look and want a piece of the mystique without actually being criminals. Look at the cat that SOA has let out of the bag.....

  3. Something to take note of for certain! More importantly, thier names and the leader(s)!
    I was shocked to see a PISTON CLUB/Red Scorpion members in Vernon a few years ago, just after to unreal Greek Gang lead by much Higher Crimnal Group, RS and IS, was shut down because they failed to do what they told to do!
    Clean up was a MESS leading to todays lying in the Supreme Court Trial! No laughing matter!

  4. I can assure you that IOMC is not a cop club - I'm not a cop. The club is comprised from all walks of life, and yeah - there are one or two cops. At least we know who the cops are in our club. Furthermore, the IOMC is not opening shop in BC - we've already been there for years. Ontario too...

    IOMC has grown so fast not because of the internet, but because we support our brothers and we ride. When one of us falls, all of us pick him up. Internet clubs don't ride, they get on Topix and shoot their mouths off about us instead of riding. You can tell who they are by the yellow stained fingers from eating Cheetos while they troll on the internet.

    81 leaves us alone because we respect them and stay out of their business. AOA knows who we are, as do the Bandidos and every other 1% club out there. But respect means just that - respect. It doesn't mean fear. IOMC fears none. When we pass a 1%r, we don't run & hide - we wave. We have answered every attack against us - the record speaks for itself. We've taken our lumps from the AOA, HA and Bandidos, and guess what - we're still here.

    IOMC predates SOA by years, so that too is nonsense. IOMC has been around since 2004. We have never asked for permission because no man should ever have to ask for permission from any other man to do anything in Canada or the USA. That's why I FOUGHT for my freedom as a member of the armed forces.

    So trailrunner78, do you have yellow stained fingers? Have you fought in a theatre of war for your freedom to ride your scoot and wear whatever you want? Fought for the right to assemble? Because you sound like every other sidewalk commando out there who has never held a gun, and doesn't have the balls to get out from behind his keyboard in his mom's basement. Get your facts straight before you post nonsense like that. I dare you to introduce yourself to an IOMC patchholder and repeat what you wrote here.

    But that won't happen... it never does. Little boys like you don't have the balls to put on my three piece patch and stand up like a man. And you'll continue to run your mouth all over the internet about what a cop club we are because it makes you feel better. Well, go right ahead bud... hope it gets your rocks off.

    For the rest of you reading these articles, who are law-abiding men who actually ride, do your research and see if you're good enough to join our ranks.

    1. LMAO.

      The 1%'ers you have "taken your lumps from" don't respect you, to them you are posers who want the image without actually being outlaws. THEY are the ones who refer to you as a cop club, I was quoting a 1%'er post on another site when I said that. "If there's a cop in it, then it's a cop club" or words to that effect.

      You might want to read some of my other posts on this blog, it really couldn't be more clear that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, as well as having really bad SA. That sound of distant mirth is Agent K and the regular readers here laughing at your dumb ass.

      The only rocks being gotten off here are yours. You have to ride around on your Harley with your non-1%'er 3 piece patch so that people who don't know the difference will be impressed with what a tough, studly guy you are. "LOOK AT ME!!" I'm a bit more subtle than that and don't usually need anything more than my charming personality to get women to talk to me, (fortunately my wife has a sense of humor about that) whereas you doubtless need the "bad boy" image assist along with "Harley Vibrator" effect to close the deal.

      You "dare me", huh? I'll see your dare, and raise you a double dare, I'll introduce myself to YOU and repeat everything I've said here, tough guy. (You're amazingly ready to beat someone's ass for what they say for a "law-abiding" person....) But since you're the one calling me out, you're gonna have to come to me.

      So, take up a collection from your bro's and trot your bad self down to your travel agent. Tell them you need a ticket to Dubai. I recommend Emirates Airways, the stewardess' are hotter. Connect non-stop out of LA. When you get there (be sure to wear your 'cut' when you go through Customs, Hadji respects that shit) take a cab to the Iraqi Embassy and get an entry visa. When you've got it, scan and email a copy of it and your ticket to Baghdad to Agent K, he will forward it to me. I will meet your plane on arrival, help you get your luggage (pack light, you won't be staying long) and then we can "stand up like men" out in the parking lot, since that is your standard of how you seem to prefer such things to be settled, Mr. Law Abiding Guy. Don't worry, I'll leave my guns in the truck. Who knows, maybe you really are a tough guy and can give me a scar or two to add to my collection. I doubt it though, more likely another coward who only feels security in numbers. Being ex-MIL, doesn't get you out of that, there's unfortunately quite a few douche bags in the military, and some of them join biker clubs/gangs after they get out.

      Ass-uming you're telling the truth about your service (we're not going to find out you were like, a truck driver, or a supply clerk are we hee-ro?) then we have that in common. But I doubt you can say you've been carrying/using/teaching guns for a living for most of your adult life. I can, and I know how to fight with or without them.

    2. Ouch. Be nice. He changed his tune when he heard you were in the service not just a cyber squawker. As I recall, someone showed me some facebook comments where buttkiss Bacchus were trash talking the Iron Order. The whole idea of Hells Angels puppets giving non drug dealing MCs a hard time is a real concern. It's a free country. People can wear what they want. Finger puppets claiming people can't wear what they want is absurd.

    3. Yeah, apology accepted. The spanking was already in the pipeline before that was posted though, and he had it coming anyway.

      You know, I don't have a problem with motorcycle clubs generally, maybe more correctly called "riding associations". Why would I? I generally DGAF what people do if it doesn't impact me or the society I live in negatively. But this is different. I believe I understand (come on, this isn't really that 'deep') the desire of these guys to emulate the look and feel of a 1% club, and I can't say it strikes me as healthy. Why bother? Just be a biker. It's good enough for everyone else it seems. 3 piece patch, hang around/prospect/patch holder, etc, all hall marks of 1% clubs.

      I have to agree with the 1%'ers actually, that these guys seem to want the feel of their lifestyle without actually being them. Not that this means they get to confiscate anyone's colors or stab people, and when they try it they should be shot down like the dregs of society that they are.

      I don't say that their (IO) stated reasons for wanting to be in a club aren't true, but I think there's a bit more to it than that, some of which I touched on previously. Which, as he says IS his right, but it also is what it is. On the other hand, I think it's clear that 1%'ers are basically criminals who have little respect even for themselves never mind anyone else, so it's kind of nice that what these (IO) guys do sticks in their craw. In a way the 1%'ers are a victim of their own "success" if you will.

      Maybe it's just because I don't get, share, or need the level of "brotherhood" or shared male companionship these guys, 1% or otherwise, do. Anyone who was in the military has had that, but not all of us need it so bad that we orient our post service lives around it by joining a 3 piece patch club. I think it's more common to wind up in law enforcement actually on the numbers of it, or just to hang with other vets. All my friends are vets, cops current or ex, (usually ex) or gun people, and mostly more than one of the three. But none of us have some kind of thing going on where we have a commitment to each other that equals or surpasses our actual families. IMO there's an aspect of arrested development there.

      Still, they (IO, not 1%) have an absolute right to live their lives as they choose whatever their adjustments and motivations, as do we all.

      Just to keep the record straight, I'm no longer in the military, just another evil security contractor/mercenary tool of global business out here in the sandbox making an obscene amount of money. And that is wrong. Right K? ;)

  5. I'm sure trailrunner will have enough to say on his own about his current deployment in Iraq. He said down south it's a cop club. I personally don't care if it has members who are cops. I realize there are many non drug dealing MCs in Eastern Canada who are getting harassed by the Hells Angels and their puppets. My concern is with the fake MCs that are just drug dealers and pimps who harass everyone else.

    1. If trailrunner is one of our military brothers, then I stand corrected, apologize and thank him for continuing to protect our freedom and I pray he comes home safe.

      For the IO brothers in NB, I personally know that not one of them is a cop. But they are good, law-abiding men who wish to congregate, party and ride under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that trailrunner is defending in Iraq. It took a great deal of courage and intestinal fortitude for those men to stand up for their rights and freedoms against overwhelming numbers. But stand up, they did. And they're still there. They mind thier own business and interfere with no one.

      As for being mainstream, the strippers call us anything BUT mainstream, but they do call us good source of income. Especially those NB lads - they sure know how to party.

      At the end of the day, we're not going to lose any sleep if we're called a cop club. But this was also an opportunity to get the next guy that reads your article to do his own research and figure out who we really are and allow him to find real brotherhood amongst men if that's what he's looking for. It's what I was looking for for years. When I found this club, I did my hangaround time, I was invited to prospect, and proved myself worthy of my brother's trust over time. I earned my patch like every other brother. And now I sleep well at night knowing I have the brotherhood of thousands of good men throughout this world watching my back, and I watch theirs. That's what a true MC is about. That's what it was always about.

      Agent K, I appreciate your response and your blog. Thanks and cheers.

    2. Unfortunately, I don't agree with the Iraq mission. It was the invasion of a foreign country based on a known lie about WMD. That's Trailrunner's thing not mine. I totally support military service as in liberating people from foreign occupation. I just don't agree with becoming another SS for any big corporation. Calling an MC a cop club is the first thing the OMGs will do if the MC is independent. I personally can't see what the obsession with three piece patches is. Spending all our time getting drunk with strippers and wearing a three piece patch to me seems a bit displaced. What impresses me is a man that gets a real job and provides for his family. Riding is awesome. Riding in a group is great. Yet selling crack has nothing to do with living the dream. Being on good terms with those who do is therefore problematic.


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