Sunday, April 29, 2012

Iron Order mc New Brunswick

One blog reader forwarded a link to a new club in New Brunswick that the patron saints, Bacchus, don't seem to be too happy about. The aging rebel wrote about them in the States. Looks like they’re setting up shop here in BC too. It’s hard to think they’re not kissing 81 ass if they’re setting up in Victoria. The Hells Angels have a chapter in Nanaimo and there’s a huge drug trade in Victoria.


  1. Something to take note of for certain! More importantly, thier names and the leader(s)!
    I was shocked to see a PISTON CLUB/Red Scorpion members in Vernon a few years ago, just after to unreal Greek Gang lead by much Higher Crimnal Group, RS and IS, was shut down because they failed to do what they told to do!
    Clean up was a MESS leading to todays lying in the Supreme Court Trial! No laughing matter!

  2. I can assure you that IOMC is not a cop club - I'm not a cop. The club is comprised from all walks of life, and yeah - there are one or two cops. At least we know who the cops are in our club. Furthermore, the IOMC is not opening shop in BC - we've already been there for years. Ontario too...

    IOMC has grown so fast not because of the internet, but because we support our brothers and we ride. When one of us falls, all of us pick him up. Internet clubs don't ride, they get on Topix and shoot their mouths off about us instead of riding. You can tell who they are by the yellow stained fingers from eating Cheetos while they troll on the internet.

    81 leaves us alone because we respect them and stay out of their business. AOA knows who we are, as do the Bandidos and every other 1% club out there. But respect means just that - respect. It doesn't mean fear. IOMC fears none. When we pass a 1%r, we don't run & hide - we wave. We have answered every attack against us - the record speaks for itself. We've taken our lumps from the AOA, HA and Bandidos, and guess what - we're still here.

    IOMC predates SOA by years, so that too is nonsense. IOMC has been around since 2004. We have never asked for permission because no man should ever have to ask for permission from any other man to do anything in Canada or the USA. That's why I FOUGHT for my freedom as a member of the armed forces.

    So trailrunner78, do you have yellow stained fingers? Have you fought in a theatre of war for your freedom to ride your scoot and wear whatever you want? Fought for the right to assemble? Because you sound like every other sidewalk commando out there who has never held a gun, and doesn't have the balls to get out from behind his keyboard in his mom's basement. Get your facts straight before you post nonsense like that. I dare you to introduce yourself to an IOMC patchholder and repeat what you wrote here.

    But that won't happen... it never does. Little boys like you don't have the balls to put on my three piece patch and stand up like a man. And you'll continue to run your mouth all over the internet about what a cop club we are because it makes you feel better. Well, go right ahead bud... hope it gets your rocks off.

    For the rest of you reading these articles, who are law-abiding men who actually ride, do your research and see if you're good enough to join our ranks.

  3. Followed one after I pulled up and told him he was going to loose something from his pocket . He thanked us . Just a grocery list .. he laughed , we laughed and blasted off from the intersection. Rode to shediac behind him and he waved when he turned on the highway. Nice guy . I dont think he would a cared if I passed him . We're all bikers a some sort at the end of the day . I'm easy to get along with .


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