Saturday, April 7, 2012

TBarz probed for links to drug case

Wow, we can only hope. The B.C. Liquor Control Branch is reviewing a liquor licence for a Surrey strip club linked to a man charged in the U.S. in a major drug smuggling case connected to the Hells Angels, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Trevor Alan Jones, who runs T-Barz Exotic Adventure Room in Surrey, is facing 14 charges south of the border, including conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, as well as money laundering.

U.S. authorities allege the 41-year-old was the Canadian “boss” of a drug ring that was distributing up to a tonne of pot and 200 kilograms of cocaine a month for several years.

The ring was broken up last year with a series of arrests in several states, and the seizure of almost $2 million US and 1,000 kilograms of cocaine from various locations.

Jones, the twin brother of full-patch White Rock Angel Randy Jones, has been running T-Barz at 10458 137th St. for years. The club is owned by a numbered company registered at Jones’s Langley house.

The only corporate director is Jones’s mother Gladys Ann, who is listed as living at the same 26th Avenue address in Langley. Trevor Jones has spoken on behalf of T-Barz at Surrey City Council meetings, according to public minutes. U.S. court documents describe him as the owner of the strip club.

I guess that's what happens when you put everything in your brother's name. If he owns the bar and if he takes the fall for the drug ring then the police can seize "his" bar. At least Randy stays out of jail. What a Walrus.

Like I keep saying, Randy Jones was the original owner of the T barz domain name. When I went public with that fact he changed it over to his mother's name to hide that asset which would be illegal in a divorce case and removed the 81 reference.

Randy used the e-mail tbarz81 when he first registered that domain which would link it to him and to the Hells Angels. Trevor was the registered owner of dankenergydrinks domain. Only the e-mail used to register it was randy81. Which would mean Randy was in control of it not Trevor.

I do think Trevor should be charged and Tbarz should lose their liquor licence. I just think Randy should be charged as well and both the bar and the Langley clubhouse should be seized under proceeds of crime. It most certainly wouldn't stop the problem but it would help. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to remain silent and do nothing.


  1. Manitoba disrupts biker gangs with strict peace bonds.

    "The Winnipeg Free Press has uncovered details of a relentless campaign being waged in the courts following a recent undercover sting that dealt a serious blow to the Hells Angels. At least seven other members and associates have been arrested in recent weeks despite no evidence they have committed any crimes. More arrests are expected."

    "All of these people are being hit with rarely used peace bonds under Section 810 of the Criminal Code, which states they are likely to "commit a criminal offence for the benefit of a criminal organization."

    "Sources say this is one of the first times Manitoba justice officials have used peace bonds to fight organized crime. All of the accused are being held in custody until they deal with the court order..." (

    That peace-bond idea sounds good, maybe we could try it.

  2. While I'm tempted to scoff at the idea that this will completely solve the problem ("the players change, the game remains the same") it will be interesting to see what results from this. If nothing else it shows that LEO's in Manitoba have the willingness to take the fight to the enemy and to think outside the box to do so. Maybe they're tired of losing, likewise a good sign.

    Hope they keep the pressure on, because these guys WILL try to keep doing business via disposable cell phones and the seemingly endless supply of willing dupes....

    If it works well on a small scale, then on to B.C....


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