Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Real Free Enterprise Party

There was an article in the Vancouver Province today that talked about how BC Liberals are continuing to jump ship in favour of the BC Conservatives under the leadership of John Cummings. I found the sub heading to the article somewhat bizarre. It said Free-enterprise parties tied as Adrian Dix and the NDP sit at 43%.

Hold the door. Gordon Campbell and Christy Crunch's liberals have absolutely nothing to do with free enterprise. Stop saying that. Where did such an absurd misconception come from? Low and behold it came from a Chuck Strahl press release.

Chuck Strahl, a six-term MP for the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon federal riding, will chair the campaign to elect Liberal candidate Laurie Throness on April 19. In a press release Wednesday, Strahl said the B.C. Liberals are the only free-enterprise party of choice. That is the source of the absurdity.

Likewise, the Harper Government is not a Free Enterprise Party. Not at all. They talk the talk but they most certainly don't walk the walk. Their is a difference between supporting huge corporations greed to rip off consumers then supporting free enterprise which implies supporting small business. Ironically enough, Jack Layton spoke a lot about supporting small business. At least when Jack Layton said someone I was a lot more likely to believe him than I was likely to believe anything Stephen Harper of Peter McKay said. Firing whistleblowers for proving they lied was shameful.

I would say John Cummings provincial conservatives are a free Enterprise party. I just think that Harper lost that vision when he merged with Mulroneyism. Something the real free enterprise party broke away from for it's apostasy of conservative values. Pauil Forseth however, has shown he supported Free Enterprise. He opposed TELUS' use of off shore call centres. He is a solid candidate for the BC Conservatives.

Having said that, I don't have the same fear and paranoia about Adrian Dix as Stephen Harper's spin doctors would have us feel. Carol James had dignity. Adrian Dix supports addressing inner city crime. Mike Farnworth would make an awesome Attorney General. Opposing perpetual gas taxes supports small business. Opposing the HST supports small business. Aside form the dramatic and erroneous stereotypes. There is noting in the NDP platform that opposes free enterprise or small business.

Liberal Back Chat in the Vancouver Province:


The message to politicians is: Don't you ever, ever treat us with such arrogance and disdain or we will vote your sorry butts out.


The electorate showed this on the HST referendum - and it should come as no shock - that the majority would rather face four years of an NDP government than reward the Liberals for past wrongdoings.


Vote NDP, Conservative, Green or even the Pot Party. Just do not vote for the B.C. Fiberals.

The Fiberals have sold us all out with their corruption.


Cheating and lying eventually catches up, you can only fool people for so long.


What can you expect from a party that calls itself the "Liberal" Party, but is right of Attila the Hun. Even the name of its party is a lie.


Worst government in B.C. history. After being a longtime Liberal, I am voting NDP. I don't see things changing with a Conservative government. If anything, it will create more corporate tax breaks. Just look at the federal Conservative Party.


Best news I have heard in years. What would be even better is to see the Fiberals wiped off the political map in B.C.


Hallelujah! People are finally starting to wake up to the Lieberal corruption. Trouble is 14 months is a long time to wait. They can cause lots more damage in that length of time. Better to recall them now to save what's left of the province.


The NDP are just sitting on their hands. No need for a platform, just wait and take power. B.C. does another polar swing to the left. The right just wants to sell off B.C., then all move to the U.S.A. to play golf 'til they need medical, then they'll come back.


Time to do away with this gang/party system. Stop business and union donations to parties. Parties should be working for the taxpayers, not entities who want something in return. Stop all this corrupt lobbying.


Nationally, opposition leaders are calling for Peter McKay's resignation over the undisclosed snowballing costs of the numerous fighter jets to support Harper's Oil Wars.

"Even if we were to believe that the chief of defence staff and the generals were plotting behind the minister's back to lie to Parliament, to lie to Canadians -- highly unlikely -- it would only prove that the defence minister is not in control of his own department," Mulcair said during question period Wednesday.

"A $10-billion piece of misinformation does not happen by immaculate conception . . . when is the prime minister of Canada going to take responsibility for what took place," Rae asked. Harper take responsibility for anything? Who are you kidding?

Down south Obama just signed legislation to finally stop insider trading within congress. Sounds good. That is a huge problem right now. Let's see if it's ever implemented. After all, Guantanamo bay is still open.

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  1. Note that the penalty under this supposed reform is NOT that they are subject to criminal law like the people are. They merely forfeit their Congressional pensions IF FOUND GUILTY. And not found guilty in a court. Found guilty by other Congress members. Yeah, that will happen...BHO is all about transparency and accountability in government....:rolleyes:

    People need to wake up and realize that it is not one side or the other that is the enemy of freedom, it's anyone in government. They ALL erode liberty. That is what they do, little bit by little bit. Power always seeks to expand it's authority, and by doing so incrementally limits rights and freedoms.

    Republican presidents have signed as many major pieces of anti-Second Amendment legislation as Democrats have.

    Most people in Canada lionize PET for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Very few are aware of what was stolen from them, rights that they already had under British Common Law which government now limited, reserved for itself, or removed outright under the Charter. It's an old story, sell progress or guarantee's of rights to the masses while actually doing the opposite.

    It's all about government co-opting power for itself in the name of peace, security, justice, "fairness" (WhateverTF that is, interesting how that always seems to involve redistribution of wealth, where politicians vote for someone else's money to be given to those who have not earned it and for themselves to be voted for by those who receive it)for the good of all. Good luck with that, it has always worked before, right?


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